A DED site

Report from OPSRD0013 (Omnipresent Ship Recording Device #0013)


After checking that all the crew were ready and the station personal were ready to accept the ships departure, Jon gave the order the undock. As the Hurricane glided out of the station into the emptiness of Hotrardik, the scanning crew were ordered to start probing out and identifying the signatures while the rest of the crew did the daily checks and navigation practice. In a short time the scanners had locked down an anomaly full of asteroids and a couple of sites that appeared to be inhabited by Angel Cartel pirates. The crew then got down to work pin-pointing and analysing the one remaining signature that was showing up. As this process was happening Jon realised that his crew needed a lot more practice in scanning, they were under-skilled and had very little experience in this field.

“Scanning complete sir” shouted out one of the ensigns. Jon walked over to the display and looked at the data. It appeared to be a DED site, rating: 4/10. After contemplating his next move, Jon orders the navigation crew to align and warp to the site. As the ship entered warp, his second in command, Leeroy, asked for a quick word.

“Are you crazy sir?” was the first sentence out of Leeroy’s mouth. “We aren’t setup for large scale action. Our fittings are all wrong, we need to be in a fleet if we are going to go in with this lack of shielding. We have a ship perfect for this six jumps away, it’s the same Hurricane hull, but it’s setup for taking loads of damage without relying on backup”.

Jon looked at Leeroy, considering his reply. “We will be perfectly fine. We have taken similarly fitted ships, smaller hulls may I add, to similar sized fights and walked out with no damage and lots of ISK and loot. I don’t see why this fight would be any different.”

“Will all due respect sir, we have no idea what is in that area. We have never seen a signature like this before, and we have never received a DED warning saying that it’s rated 4/10, whatever that means.”

Jon briefly considered this, turned to the navigation officer, and ordered to align down the gate and warp as soon as we were up to speed. “We’ll see what happens won’t we?” asked Jon to no-one in particular.

Little did Jon know that at the end of the gate was a veritable armada of all sizes of ships from frigates to battle-cruisers. As the Hurricane landed 45km from the blob of enemy ships, Leeroy looked at Jon, looked at the screen, looked back at Jon and quickly walked to his battle-station in the gunnery room. The battle started quickly, with enemy frigates burning to get under the guns. Drones were deployed and started to shoot down the frigates at a quick rate, but the frigates showed no signs of giving up. While the frigates were doing their dance of death, the larger enemy ships moved to their optimal ranges and started to hammer on the shields. As the warning alarms started to sound Jon knew that Leeroy was indeed correct, a differently fit ship was needed.

“Align to the station! Keep firing until we enter warp, keep the drones on nearby targets.” As the ship pulled the tightest turn that it could, Jon calculated that 3 more ships could be killed before the shields were in danger of collapsing. As the last frigate on field was destroyed all drones were recalled into the drone bay, and the turrets finished off the last cruiser within range. “Warp to the station” ordered Jon, “Leeroy, a word.”

“Yes sir?”

“You were correct. I apologize for ignoring your warnings. Was any damage done to the ship?”

“No damage done to the ship sir, all drones are in perfect order as well. No worries about the other matter. What’s the plan now?”

Jon smiled slyly. “I believe you said we had a ship capable of taking this amount of damage six jumps away?”

“That we do, in Frarn” smiled Leeroy.

“Then we are going to Frarn.” Turning to the ship intercom, Jon informed the whole crew on what was happening. “All crew, we are going to Frarn and picking up a different ship for that site. It is still a Hurricane hull, so all current crew will be coming across.”

A few minutes later the crew is happy and settled into the new Hurricane and in warp to the gate. Landing on the gate, the ship was ordered to jump in right away, and upon landing set to work clearing the remaining ships. Once the remaining stragglers were wiped out we went through gate to the second area of the site. As soon as the ship landed we received huge damage, and a Claymore was detected in site. Ordering distance to be put between our ship and the Claymore, Jon started calling primaries and assigning drone targets, leaving Leeroy to keep an eye on the shields, which were rapidly disappearing. As the incoming fire dropped off as the enemy ships were destroyed, and the shields started to regenerate themselves, the shields stabilized at around 60%, enough to be comfortable with. Once all the ships bar the Claymore were destroyed, Jon gave the order to close range and engage with everything. Drones pelted the sides of the enemy battle-cruiser, auto-cannons rained phased plasma at close range, and the lone missile launcher spewed out missiles as fast as they could be loaded and launched. Taking a beating, the Claymore finally died, and Jon ordered for the drones to be recalled and guns reloaded.

“Take us to the wreckage, I want to see what it was carrying” ordered Jon to the navigators.

Arriving at the cargo bay, he was greeted by all the engineers and scientists of the ship already crowded around two of the items that the Claymore had been carrying. “What did we get?” asked Jon, knowing that they must be worthwhile to have the normally clean-freak scientists in the cargo bay.

“It’s…deadspace. Sir.” replied one of the engineers. “This one is useless for how we fit our ships” he said, pointing to a Gistum C-Type amplifier, “but this one, well, it’s a gem. I can only think of one ship of yours on which this would deserve to go on, the Machariel.” Jon was amazed; it was a Gistum C-Type adaptive invuln field. Ordering the ship to turn around and dock up, Jon called the station and ordered the Machariel to be prepared for a fitting change, just a quick upgrade was what the station personal were told. As soon as the ship was docked, Jon put Leeroy in charge of sorting out the Hurricane and running the salvage mission of the sites, while Jon oversaw the installation of the new module, which on field testing gave the ship over 5000 more EHP than what it had before.



My first deadspace module, I am very happy.

I am moving to nullsec shortly, I’ll be helping USURP out against the BNI with the rest of my alliance. My poor Machariel might be waiting a while before it gets to show off its bling in public.

On the note of how I am going to be writing my blogs from now on, I think the third person works for me the best (The number of the OPSRD is how many ships I’ve lost, not including capsules)

Roam the skies,



A slow week in New Eden

Well, it has been a relatively boring week so far in New Eden for me. With the holidays drawing to a close and the university semester gearing up to start I’ve been slowly reducing my presence online as I get ready to continue my studies.

What have I done with my time online? Sadly I haven’t gone on any more roams, instead I have spent my time making and spending ISK. I managed to make quite a nice profit selling my concord LP for over 1600ISK/LP, which gave me around 1billion ISK in profit with the amount of LP I cashed in. While this may not be a lot for quite a few players, it means that my Machariel has finally paid itself off, and I can start to ‘turn a profit’ as it is from running incursions. Talking about incursions, I have also run a few sites with ‘The Vahalla Project’. While this group may not be the fastest at running sites, compared to groups like ISN, TVP actually allows people that don’t have T2 guns, and they are quite a friendly bunch. Their fleet comms can get a bit…interesting…at times, but I personally love flying with them, they are a great bunch of people, and they liven up what would otherwise be a horribly boring grind for ISK.

In other PvE related news, I tried running some highsec combat sites. I will regularly do the anoms that show up automatically without needing to be scanned down if I notice them and I’m in a PvE capable ship (Any combat ship for highsec, frigates are fun). These sites aren’t too bad for bounties, at least for the time needed to clear them, and if you’re lucky and get a faction spawn you can be looking at a 50million ISK or more module being dropped, which is nice. After scanning down some signatures and getting a couple of combat sites locked down I decided that these would be fun to clear, and that there would hopefully be a faction spawn in one of them. Warping to the first one in my Hurricane, I was quite dismayed at being informed that it was rookie ships and frigates only. Warping to the second one informed me that only frigates and destroyers were allowed to take the gate.

A few minutes later I’m in a Firetail entering the first site. After quickly clearing the site I checked the loot and got some weird crystal type structure that can be reprocessed into a decent amount of minerals, but nothing else worthwhile. The second site being the same, I am of the opinion that highsec combat sites aren’t worth it except as a last resort, especially with my scanning skills being what was required for the tutorial missions, and nothing more.

I also managed to spend most of the ISK that I gained from selling the LP, with over 600million ISK leaving my wallet to assorted manufacturers of ships and modules. I now have 11 ships ranging from frigates to battlecruisers waiting to be taken down to a nullsec system that I won’t be naming for now. Hopefully this deployment results in a lot of kills and not too many deaths, though I do imagine that none of these ships will be coming back to a nice highsec retirement, if for nothing else but the cost of getting ships to and from null makes it a one-way trip for most of my ships. There is at least one other person in my corp who is active around my timezone and is keen for PvP, so I believe that I’ll be going out slightly regularly looking for fights when I’m in nullsec.

I’m certainly hoping that my Eve playing doesn’t get in the way of my studies this year, otherwise I know which one will be getting reduced, and that isn’t my studies.


Roam the skies,

Jon takes a trip to lowsec

A quick note if anyone is wondering about the changing writing styles. I’m trying out different ways of writing to see what I prefer. If you particularly like or dislike a style please let me know.


‘Velator on D-scan’

Jon looks up from the map of Heild, running a mental list of how many people were in system and what the threat could be. As the Rupture lands on the gate there is the Velator, just sitting there. The orders are given, and the Velator is locked up and drones deployed. A quick report from D-scan shows no new ships, and the order is given to engage. The Velator is webbed, pointed and disrupted in short order, and 4 short volleys later the frigate is destroyed.

‘Drones in’ orders Jon as the gate guns continue to wreak havoc on the ships armour.

‘Engage reps’. As the repairer kicks in, the ship checks the cargo, only a civilian item, not worth taking, and warps off to the nearest station to repair.

‘Anyone see the pod?’ No-one saw it, and nothing was on D-scan. Assuming that someone had just abandoned the ship there, what for no-one could tell him, Jon orders the ship to continue through Molden Heath, looking for more people to fight. Jumping into a system down the line reveals 9 people in local, with at least 5 appearing on D-scan. Deciding that this Rupture couldn’t solo the Dominix, let alone a Domi with friends, the ship was ordered to turn around and check out the side systems that had been passed on the way. Jumping into Hrokkur showed a Venture just jumping through the gate into Heild, but with its built in 2 warb stabs Jon chose to ignore it and continue searching.
‘6 cargo containers on D-scan’ reported the scanner as we arrived in Hrober. Wondering if they were in an asteroid belt, Jon ordered a comprehensive scanning to tighten down where they were, and if we could get to them. It was determined that they were at a POS, and, with the warp scram array showing on scan Jon decided that it was best to forget about them and continue on. With no-one in local Jon decided to take a break in the mining anom to talk to some corp-mates, while hoping that the Venture that was seen earlier had come from this belt and was on its way back.

Talking to a corp-mate that was mining revealed that they were getting bored with shooting things that didn’t shoot back, and that he was itching to try out his latest fit for his Algos. As he started his 26 jump journey the ship was ordered to settle in and run checks on all the systems.
‘How far are you out mate?’ asked Jon suddenly. The D-scan showed a new person in local, and a Wreathe was showing on D-scan. ‘8 jumps out? We may have something, it’s a Wreathe. Tell me when you’re on the Hrober gate’. Receiving acknowledgement to this plan Jon ordered the ship to warp to the gate and try find out where this ship was hiding. After some D-scan trickery it was determined that they were at the sun. Once the Algos had arrived at the other side of the gate and radioed in that he was in position and ready, Jon ordered the ship to warp to the sun. As we landed at the sun it showed that the person had jumped out of local, and the ship was immediately turned around and sent back into warp to the gate.
‘Got him’ shouted the corp-mate as the Wreathe uncloaked off the gate. As Jon jumps the ship through we get the report that the Algos has to break off due to gate aggro, and when we arrive in system we see that the gate has decided to drop us 20km from the Wreathe, too far away to tackle. The Wreathe gets away safely, with both us and the Algos having to dock up and repair our armour due those gate guns.
Deciding to go back through the systems towards Teonusude, we hoped that the Enyo that had been spotted by the Algos earlier was still around. This proved uneventful, and so we warped to the Teonusude gate, planning to call it a night. As we landed on the gate, local increased by 1, and a few seconds later a Thorax showed up on long range D-scan. Switching to 10k D-scan also showed it, and we prepared for action. For some reason the Thorax landed 30km off the gate and started targeting the Rupture. The Algos got a few salvos off before having to leave due to gate aggro, while the Thorax and I started slugging it out, with the gate guns on my side for once.
‘We’re webbed. We’re pointed. We’re dampened’ rang out in quick succession from the ship comms. Jon started shouting orders, with drones being sent out to apply damage as the Thorax was 5km out of falloff range. As the Thorax’s shields and armour melted due to the drone and gun damage he warped to the nearest planet.

“gf” was given in local from both parties, and Jon ordered the ship to chase him to the planet. The Algos had landed back at the gate by this time, and reported that the Thorax was taking the gate just as we were landing at the planet. Realising that we had a limited engagement timer with this fellow, Jon ordered the ship to take the gate, as Concord wasn’t going to interrupt with this fight anymore, even in highsec. Landing in highsec revealed the Thorax on the gate, with an “Oh noes” being sent through local. He warped to the station before we could point him and chased him, realising that repairs were unavailable at that station. This was soon realised by the Thorax pilot as well, as he undocked right into the Rupture, being locked up, pointed, webbed and disrupted. Applying DPS and drones started to take his shields down, but he dropped his webbing drones and burnt out of range, warping to a station that did have repairing facilities.

‘Take out his drones next time’ Jon ordered as we chased him to the next station. Sure enough, he undocked at full health, and proceeded to do his combo. ‘Drones locked’ echoed through the command centre, and our drones were sent to engage and destroy them. After playing a few docking games with him we finally managed to get him. Sadly the Algos didn’t have the engagement timer with him, and so couldn’t get on the kill, but being in fleet still got a share of the bounty. 1.4 million ISK each paid for the repairs, and a check of the wreckage showed that the loot fairy loved us today, with most of the loot being dropped.

Velator Killmail: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21426514
Thorax Killmail: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21427228


What do you think of this writing style? Also, it turns out that the Thorax pilot was trying a new fit. With the webbing drones and mwd he just kited me at ~20km, it worked until the drones were dead.

Solo roam in a Stabber

So, I’m sitting in Frarn looking at my Hurricane and Maelstrom, wondering if I can bothered jumping into one and taking it for a mission or two, or if my time would be better spent jumping in my Machariel and moving to the latest incursion site. As I look at my wallet and contemplate my next move, I decide that I have enough ISK to go for a PvP roam and not care about losing the ship. I decide that a stabber would be a lot of fun to try, I haven’t flown one of them for ages and after reading about how good they are supposed to be at kiting, I decided to give it a shot. As I’m fitting it out, I realise why I need to get T2 guns. Over 5 million ISK for one ‘Scout’ 220mm AC, while the T2 220mm AC is just over 1 million ISK per gun.

54 million ISK later, I’m sitting on the Bosena gate in Teonusude, doing last minute checks and turning my safety switch off. I jump into system, hit D-Scan and see nothing on it. Jumping around the system to a couple of combat sites I still can’t find anything. Warping to the station is also unsuccessful, the only thing on the overview are some abandoned drones and three mobile tractor units which are playing with some wrecks. As I sit there a Chimera belonging to TEST undocks and jumps to places unknown.

Seeing nothing to shoot, I decided to shoot one of the MTU’s, which I now know have a LOT of HP. After doing nothing to it, and getting a suspect timer, I warped to the Teonusude gate and orbited it. One Hawk came through but warped off before I had time to lock it. As I entertained the thought of logging off for the night, I noticed local spiking, with 11 or 12 extra people entering system. Spamming D-Scan, I pulled drones and orbiting the gate closer, waiting to see if they were coming my way. As 8 Gnosis’s and 3-4 Ospreys appear on D-Scan and land on gate I jump through it into highsec and warp to the first station I see. Once I get over my relatively close escape I undock into their landing fleet, and, realising that I still have my suspect timer, I proceed to spam the dock button as fast as I can. Docking safely for the second time, I start up a friendly convo with the group, who appeared to be all from the alliance ‘Burnin plasma ball’. They had just come back from an unsuccessful roam according to the one who I was speaking to

As I sat in station, wondering whether or not it was worth going back out, some guy asked in local if anyone knew of a corp that was recruiting. I started a convo with him, and have passed on his interest to my CEO. Hopefully there will be a new face in corp chat next time I log on.



Anyone know if a Stabber is actually good at kiting?

Roam the skies,

Lv4 missions, a time-waster?

‘Docking request accepted.’

As my Noctis got dragged into station and put in my hanger, I looked up at my Maelstrom just sitting there next to it, scorch marks all along it from those darn Angel pirates. After starting the unloading process I reviewed what had happened today, and what to do differently next time.

The day had started normally, checking mail and contracts, catching up with what had happened while I was on planet doing chores. Turns out if had been a pretty quiet day, with nothing of interest occurring except that there were no Sansha incursions in highsec at the moment. One of my friends linked a contract for a fully fitted Revelation, and asked if I could pass it on to any capsuleers that may be interested in it. I glanced over it, seeing the price tag and wondering how people could justify spending that much on a ship. I passed it on to some people that may be interested anyway, not my problem how they spend their ISK.

With the news of no incursions being up I decided that my Maelstrom may like to see the outside of the station again, so I contacted my good friend who happens to be a Brutor tribe agent, and asked if there were any problems that I could help deal with. He jumped at the chance to get a massive problem out of the way, and asked if I could go to the neighbouring system and disrupt a forming group of Angel Cartel pirates by killing as many as I could, including the highest ranking leaders that I could find. I thought that this would be a quick mission that would earn me some quick ISK, and get rid of some boredom. Little did I know that these pirates had waves upon waves of reinforcements, 3-4 waves per area that I visited, 5 areas that I had to clear out. Around one and a half hours later I had found and killed the leader, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep from boredom. I docked up, rang the agent and told him the job was complete, and undocked the Noctis for the salvaging of the wrecks. The loot was decent, but not really worth the time taken to kill all the pirates.

As I bid farewell and goodnight to my fellow capsuleers I figured out what to differently next time. Don’t run lv4 missions solo until I have a better ship.


What do you guys think, are lv4 missions worth running in a Maelstrom, or would it be better to smash lv3’s with either the Maelstrom or a Hurricane until I get a Machariel for lv4’s?

Roam the skies,