Solo roam in a Stabber

So, I’m sitting in Frarn looking at my Hurricane and Maelstrom, wondering if I can bothered jumping into one and taking it for a mission or two, or if my time would be better spent jumping in my Machariel and moving to the latest incursion site. As I look at my wallet and contemplate my next move, I decide that I have enough ISK to go for a PvP roam and not care about losing the ship. I decide that a stabber would be a lot of fun to try, I haven’t flown one of them for ages and after reading about how good they are supposed to be at kiting, I decided to give it a shot. As I’m fitting it out, I realise why I need to get T2 guns. Over 5 million ISK for one ‘Scout’ 220mm AC, while the T2 220mm AC is just over 1 million ISK per gun.

54 million ISK later, I’m sitting on the Bosena gate in Teonusude, doing last minute checks and turning my safety switch off. I jump into system, hit D-Scan and see nothing on it. Jumping around the system to a couple of combat sites I still can’t find anything. Warping to the station is also unsuccessful, the only thing on the overview are some abandoned drones and three mobile tractor units which are playing with some wrecks. As I sit there a Chimera belonging to TEST undocks and jumps to places unknown.

Seeing nothing to shoot, I decided to shoot one of the MTU’s, which I now know have a LOT of HP. After doing nothing to it, and getting a suspect timer, I warped to the Teonusude gate and orbited it. One Hawk came through but warped off before I had time to lock it. As I entertained the thought of logging off for the night, I noticed local spiking, with 11 or 12 extra people entering system. Spamming D-Scan, I pulled drones and orbiting the gate closer, waiting to see if they were coming my way. As 8 Gnosis’s and 3-4 Ospreys appear on D-Scan and land on gate I jump through it into highsec and warp to the first station I see. Once I get over my relatively close escape I undock into their landing fleet, and, realising that I still have my suspect timer, I proceed to spam the dock button as fast as I can. Docking safely for the second time, I start up a friendly convo with the group, who appeared to be all from the alliance ‘Burnin plasma ball’. They had just come back from an unsuccessful roam according to the one who I was speaking to

As I sat in station, wondering whether or not it was worth going back out, some guy asked in local if anyone knew of a corp that was recruiting. I started a convo with him, and have passed on his interest to my CEO. Hopefully there will be a new face in corp chat next time I log on.



Anyone know if a Stabber is actually good at kiting?

Roam the skies,


One thought on “Solo roam in a Stabber

  1. If you are good at manual piloting its good. Almost killed a ONI in my kitey stabber (he was in 10% armor when my shields failed). I didn’t kill him because I messed up my flight path. Stabbers are good ships 🙂

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