A slow week in New Eden

Well, it has been a relatively boring week so far in New Eden for me. With the holidays drawing to a close and the university semester gearing up to start I’ve been slowly reducing my presence online as I get ready to continue my studies.

What have I done with my time online? Sadly I haven’t gone on any more roams, instead I have spent my time making and spending ISK. I managed to make quite a nice profit selling my concord LP for over 1600ISK/LP, which gave me around 1billion ISK in profit with the amount of LP I cashed in. While this may not be a lot for quite a few players, it means that my Machariel has finally paid itself off, and I can start to ‘turn a profit’ as it is from running incursions. Talking about incursions, I have also run a few sites with ‘The Vahalla Project’. While this group may not be the fastest at running sites, compared to groups like ISN, TVP actually allows people that don’t have T2 guns, and they are quite a friendly bunch. Their fleet comms can get a bit…interesting…at times, but I personally love flying with them, they are a great bunch of people, and they liven up what would otherwise be a horribly boring grind for ISK.

In other PvE related news, I tried running some highsec combat sites. I will regularly do the anoms that show up automatically without needing to be scanned down if I notice them and I’m in a PvE capable ship (Any combat ship for highsec, frigates are fun). These sites aren’t too bad for bounties, at least for the time needed to clear them, and if you’re lucky and get a faction spawn you can be looking at a 50million ISK or more module being dropped, which is nice. After scanning down some signatures and getting a couple of combat sites locked down I decided that these would be fun to clear, and that there would hopefully be a faction spawn in one of them. Warping to the first one in my Hurricane, I was quite dismayed at being informed that it was rookie ships and frigates only. Warping to the second one informed me that only frigates and destroyers were allowed to take the gate.

A few minutes later I’m in a Firetail entering the first site. After quickly clearing the site I checked the loot and got some weird crystal type structure that can be reprocessed into a decent amount of minerals, but nothing else worthwhile. The second site being the same, I am of the opinion that highsec combat sites aren’t worth it except as a last resort, especially with my scanning skills being what was required for the tutorial missions, and nothing more.

I also managed to spend most of the ISK that I gained from selling the LP, with over 600million ISK leaving my wallet to assorted manufacturers of ships and modules. I now have 11 ships ranging from frigates to battlecruisers waiting to be taken down to a nullsec system that I won’t be naming for now. Hopefully this deployment results in a lot of kills and not too many deaths, though I do imagine that none of these ships will be coming back to a nice highsec retirement, if for nothing else but the cost of getting ships to and from null makes it a one-way trip for most of my ships. There is at least one other person in my corp who is active around my timezone and is keen for PvP, so I believe that I’ll be going out slightly regularly looking for fights when I’m in nullsec.

I’m certainly hoping that my Eve playing doesn’t get in the way of my studies this year, otherwise I know which one will be getting reduced, and that isn’t my studies.


Roam the skies,


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