Stuck in nullsec with nothing to do

Report from OPSRD0015

‘Waiting, waiting, let’s play the waiting game’ droned Jon as he wandering aimlessly around the station. The rest of the alliance was out helping the CFC in their “hellcamp” against the Northern Coalition, and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for one of the corporation pilots to have the time to deliver our precious ships.

We did have a Rifter and a coveter in station, but no modules to stick on them bar strip miners and a probe launcher. Jon had remembered pretty quickly about the biggest problem that he, along with most of the crew, had with nullsec. That problem of course being that a lot of modules that were taken for granted in highsec were either unavailable, or cost many, many times more than they do in Jita or Amarr.

“Are we planning on doing anything tonight sir?” Jon jumped as Leeroy spoke, not realising that he had entered the room. “The men are wondering if they can have the night off.”

“Nothing to do except for scanning down the sites for some practice. Ask for volunteers, if not enough men want to then we’ll all have the night off, hopefully our ships will be delivered tomorrow and we can start doing something.”

“Roger sir, I’ll go ask for volunteers.”

As Leeroy went to the crew quarters, Jon looked at the Coveter, and at the intel sheet on the local rat population. These damn belts were too infested with Sansha ships to mine in without first destroying the rats, and we had nothing to do the job with. Even if we were to scrounge around the nearby stations for modules to stick on the ship, there just wasn’t the right gear to make a working fit with, especially in terms of weaponry.
Leeroy came back into the room, with the news that none of the crew felt like doing scanning practice.

“That’s fine, you can dismiss the crew, and I shall go to my cabin. I shall see you tomorrow.”

“See you later sir.” Leeroy saluted, and headed back to the crew quarters to deliver the good news.
Arriving in his cabin, Jon connected to a new site that he had recently found, one that promised cheap ships and a reasonable delivery time. Contacting friends that hung out in some of the trade hubs revealed that the prices for certain ships, such as the wonderful Machariel, were well below market price. Deciding to see if they were trust-worthy, Jon deposited some ISK and ordered one of the cheap ships. After waiting the required time for the ship to be built, the contract for the ship appeared in his notifications, and Jon sorted out for the ship to be sold on the market, as Jita was too far away and the ship wasn’t needed. However, the site was saved for later use, as it had the potential to save millions, if not billions, of ISK in the long term on ship purchases.

Nullsec sucks when you don’t have any ships to use, but then again so does highsec. Being in highsec just makes it easier to get new ships.

The site is
Also, I don’t actually know if this site is fully legit, use it at your own risk. The ship that I ordered came through, but it was a cheap HAC, nothing expensive.

Edit: Further research has shown that it is most likely (p<0.05) that this site is a scam. I'm going to keep be happy with turning a profit on my HAC, and leave that site alone.

Roam the skies,

Moving is hell

Report from OPSRD0014

‘I hate moving’ muttered Jon as he went through his asset list. ‘So much time and effort needed. What do I take, what can I leave, where do they go?’ He grimaced, ‘How much will it cost?’

Trying to figure out what ships to take down to null was a nightmare. Our corp was disbanding, and members that wanted to had an invitation to join an established nullsec corp. After a long and serious discussion with other corp members, Jon had decided to take the plunge with a group of members and started to get all his ships into some sort of order. However, not being able to fly an interceptor yet meant that the trip down would most likely end in death, and so we were staying around in highsec, waiting for the crew, and Jon, to learn how to fly them.
Jon started to prepare a list of the different hulls that we would probably need. It wasn’t too large a list, as, being unsure of what proper sov null life was like, it had already been planned that we would not be taking a large amount of ships down, at least until we had gotten settled in, made friendships with the people in the new corp, and found out exactly what ships and doctrines were flown.

‘Firetails? Yeah, we’ll take a couple. Fast tackle is always nice. Ruptures and Stabbers? May as well take a couple of each. Solo roams may end badly in nullsec, but they’re always fun. I’ll just have to make sure it’s ok with the leadership first.’ As Jon continued talking to himself, making notes of what could stay and what could go, Leeroy walked into the room.

‘Hi sir, how’s the planning going?’

‘Stressful. All these ships, plus replacements for when they get exploded, and all the modules that are needed for them. Thankfully a lot of what we will be taking down have already been bought, due to the aborted deployment in Syndicate, so it’s more an issue of getting these ships down there. We are taking nothing larger than a Hurricane in the first trip, just while we get used to the place and the new opportunities that will become available. I have been informed that there is market where we will be going, so replacement ships and doctrine ships will be available.’

‘Need any help?’

‘I’ve got it sorted thanks. However, if you could dismiss the crew of the Maelstrom, and prepare for the dismissal of the Machariel crew in a couple of weeks, it would be highly appreciated. They will be put into retirement while we get settled into our new home.

‘Wilco. What about the other crews situated around highsec?’

Jon thought for a moment. ‘Keep a Hurricanes worth of crew around in Hotra. We may be going there before we leave, and I’ll be wanting to be able to fly around in something larger than a frigate.’

‘Yes sir.’ Leeroy saluted and walked away to prepare the letters of dismissal.


Moving is hard, both in Eve and real life. I have moved into a flat for my second year of university, so the last week has been quite busy, which meant that Eve and this blog took a far second in priorities.

I am moving to nullsec to a yet to be announced corporation. I am looking forward to it, even though my time online is going to be highly constrained compared to the last 3 months.

Roam the skies,

A new ship, and mining

Report from OPSRD0014

“Beautiful” said Jon to himself as he walked up the ramp to his hanger. The new Cynabal was sitting there, just waiting for the captain to board and fly out into space. Jon looked up and down the ship, noting that the cleaning crews had done an excellent job on cleaning the outside of the ship. Looking down the length of the hanger showed the other ships that had found their ways to Frarns only station. There was the Hurricane, the old level three mission workhorse, which was mostly being replaced by the Cynabal, the Firetail, used for quick transport when ammunition was needed from Rens, one jump away, and the Maelstrom, sitting at the end of the hanger collecting dust.

“Leeroy!” shouted Jon as he looked at the Maelstrom. “Do we have enough crew to take the Mael out for a quick workout? No shooting or anything, just to make sure all systems are still working.”

“That we do sir, shall I order them to board the Maelstrom?” Receiving an affirmative from Jon, Leeroy promptly got all vital crew onto the Maelstrom and in position. After receiving confirmation from the station that it was ok to undock, the Maelstrom left the station and warped to the sun.

“Run checks on all systems apart from guns” ordered Jon. As the crew ran through shield tests and capacitor testing, Jon called Leeroy over to ask a few questions about earlier events.

“How’s the crew morale Leeroy, has word gotten out about our loss earlier this week?”

“There have been a few rumours floating around, but the two survivors have stopped most of them. They know that there wasn’t much you could have done, and they did all volunteer for the job, knowing it was highly dangerous,” replied Leeroy, himself glad that he hadn’t been asked to come along. It had been a mission born of boredom and having a little too much ISK in the wallet, with Jon deciding to take a Firetail out to lowsec with a couple of corporation mates and trying to kill whatever they could find. Sadly, they had become the prey to a pack of Eve Uni students and their teachers, getting caught at a planet after taking what looked like a lone Talwar. They did get the Talwar, but the loss of the Firetail and Thorax outweighed the kill of the Talwar.

“Well, that’s good then.” replied Jon. “With that fight that’s happening out in B-R5RB the crew should quickly forget about that adventure. All that fighting and loss of life over a bill not being paid, some-one’s head will probably roll for that. Anyway, we have other business to discuss. Do we have any crew members in need of punishment for minor transgressions?”

“Let me check…yes, we do. Enough to crew a barge, if the normal punishment is what you’re wanting to do.”

“Certainly is. Make sure they’re all on board, we’re going to pick up the Procurer and go mining.” Jon grimaced as he said this, sure it punished the crew members, but it also had the nasty habit of being completely boring for himself. “Leeroy, you can hop of at the station and have the rest of the day off if you would like, no need for us both to have to endure this.”

Leeroy grinned. “Thank you sir, I’ll certainly take up that offer.”

While flying to our mining station, Jon made contact with a couple of friends in Hotra and got a fleet started to increase every-ones mining yield, making it a slightly more profitable punishment. Once we arrived in Hotra and the Procurer was boarded and undocked to begin mining, Jon sat down and started working on tweaking the Cynabal’s fit, increasing its survivability while still maintaining its damage output.
After a couple minutes of mining, Jon’s communications device alerted him that someone was attempting to contact him. Calling up the information of the caller showed that it was Melody, his trading and logi friend that worked for a mercenary corporation in Gallente space.

“What’s up Melody?”

“We got him! He attacked, and we jumped, and I saved the tackle, and…”

“Woah, slow down girl. What happened?”

Taking a breath, Melody tried to gather back her normally rock solid composure. “Sorry Jon, I’ll try calm down. I was out with a few guys from the corp, no war-targets were around so they were trying to bait missioners into a fight a few jumps out of Dodixie. We had a couple of bites from some guys, but they knew the game and ran before we could land tackle. Just as I was looking at docking up for the night, our hero tackle, an armour tanked Rifter of all things, had a Myrmidon engage him. Of course, as it seems to always happen, the damn pilot forgot to pack enough nanite paste for his aux armour booster, and so was kinda in a REAL bad way. I managed to land on grid and get repairs to him just before he lost his ship, damn thing was at 11% structure before I saved him. Of course, the Myrm then decided that I was a good looking target in my Exequror, and set his damn drones on me. I may laugh at frigate logi ships, but I was glad we had one with us today, I didn’t need the repairs, but it was nice to know I had a little buddy with us. The guy ended up calling in Concord onto himself, I don’t know if it was accidental or on purpose though, he attacked a guy in our group that wasn’t suspect.”

Jon laughed. “Very nice, you hang out with a nice bunch of people don’t you? Just keep them away from my hunting grounds, I wouldn’t like to receive the order from the FC to primary your logi.”

“Haha, where do you roam again?” Melody laughed again and looked around Jon, noticing what ship he was in. “Eww, you’re mining?”

“Don’t remind me. It’s punishment duty for the crew that need it. Sadly I have to be on board to oversee it. I did get a new toy though, which makes my life a bit more bearable at the moment.”

“What did you get?”

“A Cynabal”

“Very nice. I’ve got to head off, I’ll catch you later. Fly dangerously man.”

With that Melody signed off, and Jon was left to work on his fittings and make sure that the ore was being mined correctly and efficiently. He decided that he could only stand an hour of mining, and then it would be time to dock up and sleep.
Mining is boring, but it can be made bearable if you’re working on other projects, reports or talking to other people. Especially if you’re in a fleet with boosts.

Link to the Talwar kill:
Link to the Firetail loss:

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