Moving is hell

Report from OPSRD0014

‘I hate moving’ muttered Jon as he went through his asset list. ‘So much time and effort needed. What do I take, what can I leave, where do they go?’ He grimaced, ‘How much will it cost?’

Trying to figure out what ships to take down to null was a nightmare. Our corp was disbanding, and members that wanted to had an invitation to join an established nullsec corp. After a long and serious discussion with other corp members, Jon had decided to take the plunge with a group of members and started to get all his ships into some sort of order. However, not being able to fly an interceptor yet meant that the trip down would most likely end in death, and so we were staying around in highsec, waiting for the crew, and Jon, to learn how to fly them.
Jon started to prepare a list of the different hulls that we would probably need. It wasn’t too large a list, as, being unsure of what proper sov null life was like, it had already been planned that we would not be taking a large amount of ships down, at least until we had gotten settled in, made friendships with the people in the new corp, and found out exactly what ships and doctrines were flown.

‘Firetails? Yeah, we’ll take a couple. Fast tackle is always nice. Ruptures and Stabbers? May as well take a couple of each. Solo roams may end badly in nullsec, but they’re always fun. I’ll just have to make sure it’s ok with the leadership first.’ As Jon continued talking to himself, making notes of what could stay and what could go, Leeroy walked into the room.

‘Hi sir, how’s the planning going?’

‘Stressful. All these ships, plus replacements for when they get exploded, and all the modules that are needed for them. Thankfully a lot of what we will be taking down have already been bought, due to the aborted deployment in Syndicate, so it’s more an issue of getting these ships down there. We are taking nothing larger than a Hurricane in the first trip, just while we get used to the place and the new opportunities that will become available. I have been informed that there is market where we will be going, so replacement ships and doctrine ships will be available.’

‘Need any help?’

‘I’ve got it sorted thanks. However, if you could dismiss the crew of the Maelstrom, and prepare for the dismissal of the Machariel crew in a couple of weeks, it would be highly appreciated. They will be put into retirement while we get settled into our new home.

‘Wilco. What about the other crews situated around highsec?’

Jon thought for a moment. ‘Keep a Hurricanes worth of crew around in Hotra. We may be going there before we leave, and I’ll be wanting to be able to fly around in something larger than a frigate.’

‘Yes sir.’ Leeroy saluted and walked away to prepare the letters of dismissal.


Moving is hard, both in Eve and real life. I have moved into a flat for my second year of university, so the last week has been quite busy, which meant that Eve and this blog took a far second in priorities.

I am moving to nullsec to a yet to be announced corporation. I am looking forward to it, even though my time online is going to be highly constrained compared to the last 3 months.

Roam the skies,


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