Shiny pods and fighting HERO

Report from OPSRD0017

‘Capsule on D-Scan!’ came the shout from the navigational crew. ‘Prepare to lock and point.’

Jon grinned as he turned to face the overview, waiting to see the pod appear. There were 12 ships making up this gate-camp, and all the captains were chatting away, having fun and waiting for targets to try and come through their gate. It had been a slow morning so far, with only a rookie ship getting caught and a few interceptors and a nullified and stabbed Tengu getting through. With 5600 scan resolution thanks to a friendly booster giving our Stiletto massive boosts however, nothing that landed in the bubble was going to get away.

‘Pod has landed, locking and pointing now.’ The shout came from the gunnery section as the overview showed the little pod landing 30km from the ship. One near-insta point later the pod was stuck, and the ships that formed the gate camp closed in to get on the kill. Once all the ships reported in that they had activated some sort of module on the pod, therefore confirming that they would be on the official report for the kill, the fleet commander gave the order for the pod to be killed, though some captains were wanting to keep him around until something else came along.
Once the pod was eliminated and everyone got back to their original positions around the gate, the kill-mail got shown to the fleet. Everyone was shocked, the killed clone had implants in it that had an estimated value of 1.35 billion ISK. Jon was ecstatic, as our kill-board had been nearing on red for a few months, and this was going to make it very green.

After waiting another 10 minutes and having no traffic through apart from a group of GSF pilots that attacked one of our fleet without reason, and nearly caused an incident that would have ended with the three Goons being killed and podded if the FC hadn’t been paying attention, the call was made to pull down the bubble and move to Doril, as Razor had a camp on the Sendaya gate. With Sendaya being the staging system for the newly formed HERO coalition that had decided to harass the Catch region, and Doril being the gate into nullsec from Sendaya, it meant that Doril was the perfect system to get many easy kills, with the constant threat of a fleet of Atrons or Thoraxes coming through the gate, the two doctrines that BNI especially enjoy employing, keeping the fleet alert while killing the almost constant stream of bombers, frigates and destroyers that were coming to and from the gate.

We stayed on the gate for around an hour, breaking in the Stiletto and getting used to the speed and point range of it compared to a Firetail, our normal fast tackle frigate. Jon then made the call to dock up in a local station, and headed off to his cabin to sleep.

After a few days of camping the Doril gate, Jon saw an advert for a roam heading to the Providence region to stir up some trouble, and that they wanted a couple of scouts and light tackle. The application to join the fleet went through quickly, and in very little time Jon was on comms with the fleet and ordering the navigation crew to get to HED-GP as soon as possible. Thankfully there are jump-bridges all around -A- space, and the trip took very little time. After only a couple of jumps into CVA space we encountered a defence fleet that had been formed to drive us off. While we won the engagement, with minimal numbers lost on our side compared to how many we killed, the small size of our fleet meant that we had to retreat before we took heavy losses.

I’m having a lot of fun down in nullsec now that I am settled in. Interceptors are fun.

Killmail of the 1.35bill pod:

Roam the skies,


It’s arrived

Report from OPSRD0015

‘It’s here, it’s here. It’s finally actually here.’ Jon did a little jig in his cabin before walking out to his hanger. The news that the Maelstrom had finally been delivered spread quickly around the station, and the crew had gathered near the boarding walkway, waiting to be allowed aboard.

‘Leeroy, where are you?’ Jon sent out a message as he walked up the viewing platform to view the whole ship. It had been a few weeks since he had seen a ship larger than a Rupture, and seeing the straight and deadly lines of the Maelstrom made Jon remember exactly why he had chosen to become a capsuleer. The Machariel may have more utility, the Domi might be a better choice for range control and ignoring tracking disrupters, T3’s may be brick tanks, but the Maelstrom was Jon’s favourite.

‘I am at the entrance sir, waiting for the captain to board.’ Leeroy’s response flashed up for Jon to see, and shook him out of his revere. Shaking his head and regaining focus on what he was doing, Jon marched off to the entrance, seeing Leeroy and the other senior crew standing at attention as Jon got closer.

Boarding the ship with the crew filing on behind him, Jon got status updates from all the head-of-departments. After receiving reports that all systems were installed and operational, the order went out for all hands to prepare for undocking. Checking the intelligence channels and local for potential threats and finding none, Jon ordered the ship to undock for its maiden voyage. After doing some manoeuvres and warp testing, and making sure that all the navigational tools were working as planned, Jon chose a low class anomaly that should be easy to clear and ordered for the ship to be warped there, telling the gunnery crews to get in position and ready for the upcoming fight.

‘When we land, lock up the frigates and kill them A.S.A.P. ‘Jon ordered as the ship slowed down in preparation to exit warp. ‘We will be around 60km away from them, so they will be easy kills.’

As the ship exited warp and the ‘rats appeared in space, the sound of the computers targeting the enemy ships began. The squealing noise that occurred when someone locked and opened fire on our ship rang out shortly afterwards, with the enemy battlecruiser and battleships opening fire on us.

As the enemy frigates got systematically destroyed, with each volley killing another ship, the order went out to start locking up the cruisers and battlecruisers. Within a few short minutes all the small ships were destroyed, with only the battleships left to pose a problem. Half an hour passed as we killed the battleships, and the resulting waves afterwards. Once the anomaly was finished Jon ordered the ship to head back to station and dock up. All the crew were congratulated by Jon and the senior crew for doing their job well.

‘You enjoy that sir?’ Jon swung around as Leeroy knocked on his cabin door.

‘I certainly did. Frigates and cruisers are fun to pilot, but battleships are where my heart lies, especially with the Maelstrom. I just hope that our new alliance brings back arty Mael fleets once/if the powers-that-be change the laws pertaining to drone assist systems and whatever else they’re wanting to do with them.’

‘What do you think of those changes sir?’

‘If it means my Maelstrom will be accepted into fleets then I can’t wait for the change. Yes, incursion fleets will have to have a few more drone boats, or find a new way to deal with the frigates, maybe T3’s, but I personally detest drones as a weapon system. I can’t pin a reason on it, but they just seem…cheap. We use light drones if frigates get too close for our guns to hit, and mediums to help kill the enemy battleships that little bit faster, but I want my damage to be coming from my cannons, not some flimsy piece of metal flying around in space.’

‘In rust we trust? It’s worked for us so far.’ Leeroy grinned, and headed off towards his own cabin.

My Maelstrom finally arrived, and I can start earning ISK again. Also started back at uni last week, so I’m not exactly active at the moment.

Roam the skies,