Machariels are awesome

Report from OPSRD0019

“Coming out of warp in 3, 2, 1. Targets confirmed, start locking the frigates and pull range. Engage the frigates as they are locked, don’t let them get too close.”

As the crew confirmed and followed out the orders, Jon sat down in to his captain’s seat and pulled up the information on his fleet member, who had just exited warp and was deploying sentries. Jon laughed and called over Leeroy.

“Ugly ships those things, don’t you agree?”

“What, the space potato? Yeah, form may follow function, but that thing is just hideous.”

“Enemy frigates are all destroyed sir!” came the shout from the gunnery sergeant. “Enemy cruisers are being engaged.”

“Good work, how many did we kill?”

“We got the majority sir, due to being on field first, but our friend in the Dominix is very adept at killing frigates, especially with the much shorter rate of fire of his sentries.”

“Good to know. Well, let’s kill the rest of the rats, show the potato who’s the boss.” Turning to Leeroy, Jon smiled. “It may be hideous, but I’m glad it’s on our side. I’ve seen the fit for that ship, and it’s stupidly over-tanked. That said, all that guys ships are over-tanked, he lost a Machariel around a year ago because it wasn’t tanked well enough, so he tends to over-compensate to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He tried to get me to armour tank this Mach, or at least stick an XL shield booster on it, cap stable even. It would take a massive gank squad to kill it, but it would have made this ship anaemic on the damage front.”

“Ouch. While this tank may not hold up against a full-rooms worth of damage at close range, that is the reason that we sit over 40km from most targets and shoot them down. No need for a large tank if the rats can’t hit us, and, as this fit isn’t blingy, we don’t have to worry too much about gankers. If they do decide they want to kill us though, that’s what D-Scan and bookmarks are for. It’s hard to kill someone if you can’t catch them.” Jon grinned as he remembered his discussion with some other pilots about the viability of ganking, and how much a fit had to be worth before someone decided it was economically viable to try and kill the ship. It came out at around 600-700 million ISK worth of fittings before his Machariel was deemed valuable enough to kill, and Jon had made sure that his fitting was nowhere near as expensive as that.

As the last enemy cruiser was eliminated, and the crew instructed to start taking out the battleships, Jon relaxed and thought back on what had transpired over the last week. Rumours had started flying about Against All Authorities, the alliance that S0uthern Comforts was a part of, was fail-cascading, unable to withstand the combined onslaught of what was left of the N3PL coalition and the new HERO coaltion. S0CO had issued a memo to all pilots a few weeks ago to pull all non-essential ships and equipment out of Catch, and Jon had followed this order, leaving only a few Stilettos and a Jaguar in nullsec. Fleets were constantly going out, harassing Provi-block and HERO mainly, but participation numbers were low and a set of new wardecs from highsec ‘merc’ groups had started to hinder the movement of goods meant for the front-lines, and put a halt on making ISK for Jon, with all PvE gear pulled out of null the only options for making ISK was running missions in highsec, which wasn’t safe to do in a slow battleship with war-targets around.

After having a meeting with the senior members of his crew, and talking to some friends that were no longer a part of S0CO, having left for greener pastures, Jon decided that he was going to do the same thing. Pulling his surviving Stilettos and the Jaguar back to highsec, Jon sent a mail to S0CO leadership, thanking them for the fun he had had in nullsec, and wished them well for their future endeavours. He then removed himself from the corp, contacted his mate who was wanting to raise his standings with the Brutor tribe so he could get a hold of some of those wonderful jump clones, and had been killing rats with extreme prejudice since.

“Last rat is nearly dead sir.” Leeroys exclamation startled Jon out of his reverie, and reminded him that he needed to keep his head in the game, or he was liable to get this ship, and his crew, blown and killed respectively. While he trusted in his crews abilities, and the Machariels ability to out-pace nearly all enemy ships cruiser sized and above, weirder things had happened if half the pub stories were true.

“Good job, that mission only took 15 minutes. Send our congratulations for a job well done to our friend in the potato and head back to station.”

I have left S0CO, and with them -A-. Yes, there will be the people saying that -A- is shit, and while that may be true, fleet participation took a huge hit when one of the FC’s left, I had fun while with them. I was privy to some information that I don’t believe has been leaked yet (at least not publicly) before I left, and I hope -A- manages to survive. As for S0CO, I had an awesome time with them, great bunch of guys to hang out with, even if a lot of them didn’t seem to log into Eve often, there was always a bunch on TS happy to talk. I wish them the best of luck, and, who knows. I may end up going back to them and sending in an application in a few months if I feel like sticking my foot back into nullsec.

Oh, and Machariels are awesome, and I shall love them even more when the summer expansion comes out and they get an increased warp speed and warp acceleration.

Roam the skies,