Killing all the things

Report from OPSRD0025

‘Look at those kill reports Jon, we’ve been active this month haven’t we?’ Leeroy entered the captain’s quarters, waving a sheet with the kills and losses that had been incurred so far this month.

‘We certainly have. According to the report that I was just reading, we have helped to kill over 3 billion ISK worth of ships over the last 3 weeks, and we have only managed to lose 5 ships, not even worth 300 million ISK. Pretty good going if you ask me, and heaps of fun.’

‘SoE and Concord aren’t exactly happy with us though. We’ve helped to increase SoE’s workload, as they come out to rescue the survivors of the destroyed ships, and Concord has decreased our security status by 2 over the last three weeks.’

‘It’s at 1.9 at the moment isn’t it? We may have to schedule in some mission grinding in the next few weeks if it keeps decreasing at this rate.’

‘Yeah, that won’t be fun. If we can stay positive until the new galactic changes are rolled out, it won’t be too painful to get our security status up. The increased power to the Machariel’s engines means that it will be able to warp faster, and it won’t be anywhere near as painful to follow incursions around, and we know that incursions are great for increasing security status. I’m planning on learning about how the advanced artillery cannons work, and getting the gunnery crew trained up for them over the next month or two as well, so that will help to make quick work of the rats.”

“Sounds good. Those cannons certainly look nice, and the extra damage won’t go unused.” Leeroy checked the time on his wrist-watch, a relic for certain, but something that he enjoyed to use. “I’ve got crew quarters to check, I shall check in once that is done.”

“Roger. Make sure everything is tidy, I have some plans brewing, but we may be sitting in station for a while before they bear fruit.”

As Leeroy wandered out to complete his duties, Jon pulled up the corporation information. 6 members in corp, with only one other person being seen on a somewhat regular basis. While Jon enjoyed the laid-back attitude of the corp, as no-one cared what he was doing, or trying to get him to join fleet operations when the crew didn’t feel like it, it would be nice to have people available to call out to for help if required. Solo roams were fun and all, but a lot of our opponents have friends that are willing and able to come and help out, something that usually meant defeat and death for our ship and crew.

Turning to the communications screen on his tactical monitor showed multiple channels being watched. While some of them were just people talking about whatever they felt like, and good for getting information on what is happening in other parts of New Eden, other chat channels were for close groups of people that had been introduced via various means, and yet others were for public roaming fleets. As Jon watched the screen, the channel for Spectre Fleet changed its message, informing people that yet another interceptor roam was forming in Amarr. This group was amazing, and was how we had scored the majority of our kills over the last 3 weeks. They are a NPSI community, meaning that if you’re not part of the fleet, and they find you in lowsec or nullsec, you’re a target and probably going to die.

We have been out on 5 Spectre fleet roams in the last 3 weeks, helping to secure and kill many ships. A few ships have been lost, the latest ship being a Rupture that was jumped into highsec without anyone realising that we still had a criminal timer, and that Concord really takes offence to such violations. Lessons have been learnt, and ships have been replaced. The only problem that the crews appear to have with these roams is the 20 jumps between Amarr and our home-system. While using a Stiletto means that the trip is not too long, and lowsec can be safely crossed, it does take time, and we can’t join a fleet five minutes before it leaves, unless stragglers are being accepted.

Jon considered joining this latest interceptor fleet, as an interceptor probably meant that a nullsec roam was heading out. After consideration however, Jon decided to stay in station. The next few days had the possibility to become very busy, and a well-rested crew would be essential.

Spectre Fleet is a great community, with multiple fleets running a day. I also keep an eye on the RvB Ganked channel, but they do not appear to be as active in my time-zone, and I haven’t managed to go on a roam with them yet.

Some of my favourite kill-mails from the last 3 weeks:
Stratios kill. This one was painful, took me down to hull. Drones are painful when you’re in an interceptor:

Shiny capsule, came from a Slicer kill. 2048 scan resolution for the win:

Kiting Talos kill, damn thing was going over 3 km/s and our poor T1 cruiser gang couldn’t catch it. Someone landed hero tackle with a warp-in, we were extremely happy to kill it:

Most expensive Thrasher I’ve ever seen, with a lack of fittings. There were many tears spilled in local:

Roam the skies,


Why were you in low-sec Mr Retriever?

Report from OPSRD0021

“Retriever on D-Scan sir, there is only one belt he could be at.”

“Very well, take us in. Warp in at 30, I doubt he will be sitting on the warp-in, no-one is that silly in low-sec.” Jon turned to the ship wide radio and informed the crew that there was the possibility of action, and for all crew to man their stations. “Gunnery crew, are you ready?”

“Yes sir” came the reply, crisp and confident. There was only two manned ships in system, and one of them was Jon’s Rupture, so there was little worry within the crew that this would be anything other than an easy kill. As the ship began to exit warp, the regular pre-combat routines began to be run.

“Pre-heat the armour rep, the neut, the scram and the after-burner. If we have to burn to him I want to get there as quickly as possible.” The crew quickly complied, with switches being flicked as he started speaking. While the possibility of a Retriever putting up any sort of resistance that would threaten the Rupture, it was good to keep the crew on their toes and kept in practice.

“Coming out of warp in 3, 2, 1. Target spotted, 30km away, sitting on the warp-in.” The navigators tone of voice betrayed his surprise.

“Start burning towards him. We have to get within scram range!” Jon groaned, with a 20km burn before we could have the chance of getting the kill, and with the possibility of the damn barge having 3 stabs fitted, the odds weren’t looking in our favour. “As soon as we’re in range, activate the neut and scram, and start firing. Over-heat the guns, I want this to be killed as quickly as possible. Ram it as well, stop it aligning out if possible.”

After an excruciating 20 seconds, burning at 500m/s with an over-heated afterburner, the point was activated on the mining barge, with the neut and gunfire being laid down shortly afterwards. Drones were deployed and ordered to add their damage to the barge.

“We have been targeted by the barge, they are sending their drones to attack us Sir.” The defence teams were already closed up and ready for action, and this report had them checking their instruments for where they may be required.

“How many, and what type?” Jon wasn’t too worried about drones from a mining barge, the barge was melting quickly, and wouldn’t last long enough to do any lasting damage with its drones.

“Four Warrior I drones Sir, nothing to be concerned about, they’re hardly touching our shields.”

“Good to hear. Continue firing on the Retriever then, let me know if they manage to get through our shields.”

Jon sat back and watched the tactical screen. There was nothing to do until…

“Enemy vessel will be exterminated in 3, 2, 1…Boom. Congratulations on the kill men and women.” The report came from Leeroy’s command chair, as he sat back at grinned. Turning to Jon, he said “SoE have been contacted to rescue as many as they can from the wreckage. As they don’t like pod pilots such as yourself a huge amount, I would recommend looting the wreck for any goodies and heading back to station.”

“Who invited those nit-pickers?” Jon grumbled before giving the orders to loot the wreck and warp to a safe-spot to wait out the 15 minute suspect timer given to his ship for his recent action.

“A message went out just before the barge exploded, their captain must have sent one out.”

“Roger. At least he did one thing correct. We should not have gotten that kill by any means. I hope he learnt his lesson. If not, we’ll just have to repeat this lesson won’t we?”

Just a short post, I would love to write a longer one chronicling the loss of my Stiletto and Hurricane, and the killing of a Hurricane and Tayra, but I find myself running out of time to play anything more than ‘skill-queue online’ over the last few weeks due to assignments and reports. University is hard, but worth it.

Retriever killmail:
Hurricane killmail:
Tayra killmail:

Stiletto lossmail:
Hurricane lossmail:

I’ve managed to still have fun blowing up ships (mine and others), and I have a roam on Saturday that I’m hoping will give me something to write about (probably a whelping of the fleet, I’m leading it, but we shall see).

Roam the skies,