BLOPs drop

Report from OPSRD0049

“The Typhoon has aggressed, repeat, the Typhoon has aggressed.” The call came over fleet comms from one of the HK bombers, and silence came over the waiting force of bombers. “Cyno is up, cyno is up.”

The Black-ops battleships that were waiting for the call went into action, tearing open the fabric of space to make a bridge to the cynosural field. As soon as the two bridges were up, one from a Sin and one from a Redeemer, the force of fifty bombers jumped through the tunnel, landing deep inside of the Providence region.

“Lock up the Typhoon and launch the torpedoes. Activate the target painter as well, let’s light this ship up.” Jon ordered the small crew present aboard the Hound as we exited from the tunnel. Leeroy was not present on this roam, as the high-risk and low crew requirements meant that his presence was unnecessary.

The killing of the Typhoon did not take long at all. As the fleet consisted of nearly fifty stealth bombers, one salvo from each bomber was more than enough to kill the Typhoon. The battleship promptly exploded, with a wall of torpedoes smashing right through its shields, armour and structure. As the wreckage twisted into its final resting place, the bombers warped off to a planet of the captains choosing, activating their cloaks and waiting for the Sin that was their ticket out of system to jump in. While waiting for the Sin to enter the system, the bomber pilots started spamming the local channel with hyperlinks and talking among themselves.

“All fleet units, the Sin is back in system. Warp to the Sin, making sure you are still cloaked, and wait for the bridge to come up. As soon as the bridge is up, use it and get back inside the staging POS. Nice kill guys and girls, well done.” The fleet commander came over the fleet comms once the Sin and its exit cyno ship were in place for the safe withdrawal of the fleet.

Shortly the Sin uncloaked and again tore open space to make the bridge back to safety. Once all units were back in POS, the comms started lighting up again as the fleet members continued talking among themselves while waiting for another target to be found. The wait did not take long, with the call coming over comms of a Raven being tackled, and the cyno being lit.

“Take the bridge guys, take the bridge. Kill the Raven as soon as you land, same procedure as with the Typhoon.”

As we exited the bridge we saw the Raven, and heard that it was still attempting to lock the cyno ship. Jon gave the order to apply a scan resolution dampener along with the target painter and missiles, and sat back as the orders were carried out. The Raven promptly followed the fate on the earlier Typhoon, and the fleet followed the same withdrawal procedure.

We headed back to the lowsec POS to wait for another target to show itself, but nothing could be found and the black-ops battleships had to leave, due to their captains having prior commitments. The fleet packed up their gear, and headed back to highsec. Once in highsec the fleet disbanded, with the majority of pilots staying together in a group while heading back to Amarr to dockup.

Spectre Fleet is still giving me lots of fights and fun, and CVA gave my corp KOS standings within two days of it being created. I haven’t been as active as I would have liked over the last month or so, but university started back up again and decided to smash me with a large workload from the get go. I have been trying to get this post written for a good while, as shown by the dates on the killmails.

That’s life, study before Eve.

Typhoon kill-mail:

Raven kill-mail:

Roam the skies,

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