Jon leads a fleet, and we didn’t all die.

Report from OPSRD0118

“W’s up, fleet warp to S0UL, warp to S0UL. S0UL, what have you caught?” Jon’s call came over the fleet communication’s channel, and confirmations from the other 6 pilots in fleet quickly filtered through in the chat.”

“I’ve caught a Skiff in the ore belt. I’ll need a secondary point on this guy ASAP, he’s locked me up and set his drones on me.” S0UL’s request was quickly answered by other fleet members as they landed in the belt and engaged the Skiff.

“Sounds like we have secondary points on the Skiff, and I’ll be landing shortly. Drag the drones off if you can, warp out if needed. Everyone, if he sets his drones on you and you’re going down, warp out. We have enough interceptors on field to keep him from going anywhere.” The fleet of 8 interceptors, with one additional interceptor burning his way as quickly as possible to catch up, had been formed from the ‘Spectre Fleet’ channel and had just found their first target of the night.

“Confirming he is still pointed?” Iskanndar asked on comms.

“Confirmed, he’s not going anywhere.” Jon answered, certain in his answer as the Skiff was both pointed and scrammed by his Stiletto.

“Roger. I am cycling off my scram then, I am going to attempt to catch his pod.” The notification from Iskanndar’s Taranis to the Skiff stopped shortly, with the Skiff entering structure shortly afterwards.

“He’s nearly down, and no response forces are on D-scan. If his pod is caught I shall count down from 5 before killing it, that should give everyone a chance to get on the killmail. Once the pod is gone I shall warp the fleet to a safe spot to wait out our aggression timers.” Jon informed the fleet what the plan was, as was suggested practice by Jayne and NileZ, the Spectre Commander and Full FC respectively that had given Jon the chance to become first a trial, and now junior, fleet commander for Spectre Fleet. “He’s down, and his pod escaped. I am warping the fleet now, if you got the killmail please post it in fleet chat. Good job fleet, and nice catch S0UL.”

“I got the killmail FC, it’s in fleet.” LOLWTFBBO spoke up with the news. Jon had to stifle a laugh every time LOL’s name showed up, it was such a weird mix of letters that Jon could only wonder what was going through his parents heads when he was named. Ah well, as long as he did his job his name didn’t matter. That is as long as he doesn’t want to be the scout.”

“Awesome. It doesn’t look like it fit too badly. A shield extender would have probably served him better, but my knowledge on how to correctly fit a mining barge is pretty low, let alone an exhumer. Such an expensive ship for something so defenceless though. Okay, fleet warp to the B-W gate, scout please jump into B-W and let me know what’s on the other side. Hopefully we can get out of this pocket before the defence fleet wakes up and camps the gate into KBP7.” Jon’s Stiletto slid smoothly out of warp on top of the gate as the rest of the fleet exited warp. “Kast, how far away from KBP7 are you?”

“Just landing on the in gate from Dital now, where do you want me?” Kast was the pilot that had been catching up while the fleet killed the Skiff, and was now in the perfect position to check on the status of the defence fleet in KBP7.

“B-W gate clear, only the 1 guy in local from earlier” S0UL spoke up to inform Jon what B-W looked like.
“Awesome, fleet jump B-W and warp to the KBP7 gate. Whole fleet hold on the KBP7 gate, Kast can you jump into KBP7 and warp to a ping off the B-W gate and let me know what’s on it? If you don’t have a ping just warp to 100 off the gate.”

“Can do, I’ll be there shortly.” The activation noise of Kast entering the gate came through comms, and quickly faded away as he entered KBP7. “In warp now, nothing on D-scan from the in-gate. Landing at a ping now, the gate is empty. Two crows on D-scan though, if you’re going to jump I would do it soon. Svipul just showed up as well.”

“Fleet jump, fleet jump. Warp to the XHQ gate as soon as you enter system, Kast can you jump XHQ and let me know what’s on the other side. S0UL, I’ll get you back as scout once we’ve all regathered.”

As the fleet jumped KBP7 and initiated warp to the XHQ gate, Jon hit D-scan and saw a fleet of Caracals, Svipuls and Confessors heading to the KBP7 gate. Seeing the two Crows mentioned by Kast exiting warp, Jon initiated warp to the XHQ gate himself, and effortlessly glided into warp as the enemy defence fleet started exiting warp on the gate.

“XHQ clear FC.”

“Roger. Fleet, jump XHQ upon landing on the gate, I repeat jump XHQ. S0UL please jump into ‘Why-So’, that’s Y-W-S-0, and let me know what’s happening. The rest of the fleet warp to the Why-So gate and hold. Kast, welcome to fleet and thanks for the scouting.

I am now a Jr FC for Spectre Fleet. University and social commitments mean that I don’t have a lot of time to spare for Eve in general, let along the time required to run regular fleets, but I’m hoping to run one every 2-3 weeks. I got fully hooked on Eve when JOhnDrees and Darth A30NZ used to run interceptor fleets out to Providence almost nightly with Spectre Fleet, I absolutely loved the hit and run ability of interceptors, and the fact that if you have a fleet of 10-15 interceptors you can kill nearly every ratting BS that you come across, and want to experience that fun again.
We got a few other kills in that fleet, but nothing hugely exciting sadly.

Skiff killmail:
Procurer killmail:
Procurer #2 killmail:
Sabre killmail:
Thorax killmail:

And because I screwed up, a lossmail of my Stiletto. However, thanks to some luck I was able to reship relatively cheaply and continue leading the fleet:


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