Why were you in low-sec Mr Retriever?

Report from OPSRD0021

“Retriever on D-Scan sir, there is only one belt he could be at.”

“Very well, take us in. Warp in at 30, I doubt he will be sitting on the warp-in, no-one is that silly in low-sec.” Jon turned to the ship wide radio and informed the crew that there was the possibility of action, and for all crew to man their stations. “Gunnery crew, are you ready?”

“Yes sir” came the reply, crisp and confident. There was only two manned ships in system, and one of them was Jon’s Rupture, so there was little worry within the crew that this would be anything other than an easy kill. As the ship began to exit warp, the regular pre-combat routines began to be run.

“Pre-heat the armour rep, the neut, the scram and the after-burner. If we have to burn to him I want to get there as quickly as possible.” The crew quickly complied, with switches being flicked as he started speaking. While the possibility of a Retriever putting up any sort of resistance that would threaten the Rupture, it was good to keep the crew on their toes and kept in practice.

“Coming out of warp in 3, 2, 1. Target spotted, 30km away, sitting on the warp-in.” The navigators tone of voice betrayed his surprise.

“Start burning towards him. We have to get within scram range!” Jon groaned, with a 20km burn before we could have the chance of getting the kill, and with the possibility of the damn barge having 3 stabs fitted, the odds weren’t looking in our favour. “As soon as we’re in range, activate the neut and scram, and start firing. Over-heat the guns, I want this to be killed as quickly as possible. Ram it as well, stop it aligning out if possible.”

After an excruciating 20 seconds, burning at 500m/s with an over-heated afterburner, the point was activated on the mining barge, with the neut and gunfire being laid down shortly afterwards. Drones were deployed and ordered to add their damage to the barge.

“We have been targeted by the barge, they are sending their drones to attack us Sir.” The defence teams were already closed up and ready for action, and this report had them checking their instruments for where they may be required.

“How many, and what type?” Jon wasn’t too worried about drones from a mining barge, the barge was melting quickly, and wouldn’t last long enough to do any lasting damage with its drones.

“Four Warrior I drones Sir, nothing to be concerned about, they’re hardly touching our shields.”

“Good to hear. Continue firing on the Retriever then, let me know if they manage to get through our shields.”

Jon sat back and watched the tactical screen. There was nothing to do until…

“Enemy vessel will be exterminated in 3, 2, 1…Boom. Congratulations on the kill men and women.” The report came from Leeroy’s command chair, as he sat back at grinned. Turning to Jon, he said “SoE have been contacted to rescue as many as they can from the wreckage. As they don’t like pod pilots such as yourself a huge amount, I would recommend looting the wreck for any goodies and heading back to station.”

“Who invited those nit-pickers?” Jon grumbled before giving the orders to loot the wreck and warp to a safe-spot to wait out the 15 minute suspect timer given to his ship for his recent action.

“A message went out just before the barge exploded, their captain must have sent one out.”

“Roger. At least he did one thing correct. We should not have gotten that kill by any means. I hope he learnt his lesson. If not, we’ll just have to repeat this lesson won’t we?”

Just a short post, I would love to write a longer one chronicling the loss of my Stiletto and Hurricane, and the killing of a Hurricane and Tayra, but I find myself running out of time to play anything more than ‘skill-queue online’ over the last few weeks due to assignments and reports. University is hard, but worth it.

Retriever killmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38403670/
Hurricane killmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38571302/
Tayra killmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38618245/

Stiletto lossmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38418769/
Hurricane lossmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38582951/

I’ve managed to still have fun blowing up ships (mine and others), and I have a roam on Saturday that I’m hoping will give me something to write about (probably a whelping of the fleet, I’m leading it, but we shall see).

Roam the skies,

Machariels are awesome

Report from OPSRD0019

“Coming out of warp in 3, 2, 1. Targets confirmed, start locking the frigates and pull range. Engage the frigates as they are locked, don’t let them get too close.”

As the crew confirmed and followed out the orders, Jon sat down in to his captain’s seat and pulled up the information on his fleet member, who had just exited warp and was deploying sentries. Jon laughed and called over Leeroy.

“Ugly ships those things, don’t you agree?”

“What, the space potato? Yeah, form may follow function, but that thing is just hideous.”

“Enemy frigates are all destroyed sir!” came the shout from the gunnery sergeant. “Enemy cruisers are being engaged.”

“Good work, how many did we kill?”

“We got the majority sir, due to being on field first, but our friend in the Dominix is very adept at killing frigates, especially with the much shorter rate of fire of his sentries.”

“Good to know. Well, let’s kill the rest of the rats, show the potato who’s the boss.” Turning to Leeroy, Jon smiled. “It may be hideous, but I’m glad it’s on our side. I’ve seen the fit for that ship, and it’s stupidly over-tanked. That said, all that guys ships are over-tanked, he lost a Machariel around a year ago because it wasn’t tanked well enough, so he tends to over-compensate to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He tried to get me to armour tank this Mach, or at least stick an XL shield booster on it, cap stable even. It would take a massive gank squad to kill it, but it would have made this ship anaemic on the damage front.”

“Ouch. While this tank may not hold up against a full-rooms worth of damage at close range, that is the reason that we sit over 40km from most targets and shoot them down. No need for a large tank if the rats can’t hit us, and, as this fit isn’t blingy, we don’t have to worry too much about gankers. If they do decide they want to kill us though, that’s what D-Scan and bookmarks are for. It’s hard to kill someone if you can’t catch them.” Jon grinned as he remembered his discussion with some other pilots about the viability of ganking, and how much a fit had to be worth before someone decided it was economically viable to try and kill the ship. It came out at around 600-700 million ISK worth of fittings before his Machariel was deemed valuable enough to kill, and Jon had made sure that his fitting was nowhere near as expensive as that.

As the last enemy cruiser was eliminated, and the crew instructed to start taking out the battleships, Jon relaxed and thought back on what had transpired over the last week. Rumours had started flying about Against All Authorities, the alliance that S0uthern Comforts was a part of, was fail-cascading, unable to withstand the combined onslaught of what was left of the N3PL coalition and the new HERO coaltion. S0CO had issued a memo to all pilots a few weeks ago to pull all non-essential ships and equipment out of Catch, and Jon had followed this order, leaving only a few Stilettos and a Jaguar in nullsec. Fleets were constantly going out, harassing Provi-block and HERO mainly, but participation numbers were low and a set of new wardecs from highsec ‘merc’ groups had started to hinder the movement of goods meant for the front-lines, and put a halt on making ISK for Jon, with all PvE gear pulled out of null the only options for making ISK was running missions in highsec, which wasn’t safe to do in a slow battleship with war-targets around.

After having a meeting with the senior members of his crew, and talking to some friends that were no longer a part of S0CO, having left for greener pastures, Jon decided that he was going to do the same thing. Pulling his surviving Stilettos and the Jaguar back to highsec, Jon sent a mail to S0CO leadership, thanking them for the fun he had had in nullsec, and wished them well for their future endeavours. He then removed himself from the corp, contacted his mate who was wanting to raise his standings with the Brutor tribe so he could get a hold of some of those wonderful jump clones, and had been killing rats with extreme prejudice since.

“Last rat is nearly dead sir.” Leeroys exclamation startled Jon out of his reverie, and reminded him that he needed to keep his head in the game, or he was liable to get this ship, and his crew, blown and killed respectively. While he trusted in his crews abilities, and the Machariels ability to out-pace nearly all enemy ships cruiser sized and above, weirder things had happened if half the pub stories were true.

“Good job, that mission only took 15 minutes. Send our congratulations for a job well done to our friend in the potato and head back to station.”

I have left S0CO, and with them -A-. Yes, there will be the people saying that -A- is shit, and while that may be true, fleet participation took a huge hit when one of the FC’s left, I had fun while with them. I was privy to some information that I don’t believe has been leaked yet (at least not publicly) before I left, and I hope -A- manages to survive. As for S0CO, I had an awesome time with them, great bunch of guys to hang out with, even if a lot of them didn’t seem to log into Eve often, there was always a bunch on TS happy to talk. I wish them the best of luck, and, who knows. I may end up going back to them and sending in an application in a few months if I feel like sticking my foot back into nullsec.

Oh, and Machariels are awesome, and I shall love them even more when the summer expansion comes out and they get an increased warp speed and warp acceleration.

Roam the skies,

Shiny pods and fighting HERO

Report from OPSRD0017

‘Capsule on D-Scan!’ came the shout from the navigational crew. ‘Prepare to lock and point.’

Jon grinned as he turned to face the overview, waiting to see the pod appear. There were 12 ships making up this gate-camp, and all the captains were chatting away, having fun and waiting for targets to try and come through their gate. It had been a slow morning so far, with only a rookie ship getting caught and a few interceptors and a nullified and stabbed Tengu getting through. With 5600 scan resolution thanks to a friendly booster giving our Stiletto massive boosts however, nothing that landed in the bubble was going to get away.

‘Pod has landed, locking and pointing now.’ The shout came from the gunnery section as the overview showed the little pod landing 30km from the ship. One near-insta point later the pod was stuck, and the ships that formed the gate camp closed in to get on the kill. Once all the ships reported in that they had activated some sort of module on the pod, therefore confirming that they would be on the official report for the kill, the fleet commander gave the order for the pod to be killed, though some captains were wanting to keep him around until something else came along.
Once the pod was eliminated and everyone got back to their original positions around the gate, the kill-mail got shown to the fleet. Everyone was shocked, the killed clone had implants in it that had an estimated value of 1.35 billion ISK. Jon was ecstatic, as our kill-board had been nearing on red for a few months, and this was going to make it very green.

After waiting another 10 minutes and having no traffic through apart from a group of GSF pilots that attacked one of our fleet without reason, and nearly caused an incident that would have ended with the three Goons being killed and podded if the FC hadn’t been paying attention, the call was made to pull down the bubble and move to Doril, as Razor had a camp on the Sendaya gate. With Sendaya being the staging system for the newly formed HERO coalition that had decided to harass the Catch region, and Doril being the gate into nullsec from Sendaya, it meant that Doril was the perfect system to get many easy kills, with the constant threat of a fleet of Atrons or Thoraxes coming through the gate, the two doctrines that BNI especially enjoy employing, keeping the fleet alert while killing the almost constant stream of bombers, frigates and destroyers that were coming to and from the gate.

We stayed on the gate for around an hour, breaking in the Stiletto and getting used to the speed and point range of it compared to a Firetail, our normal fast tackle frigate. Jon then made the call to dock up in a local station, and headed off to his cabin to sleep.

After a few days of camping the Doril gate, Jon saw an advert for a roam heading to the Providence region to stir up some trouble, and that they wanted a couple of scouts and light tackle. The application to join the fleet went through quickly, and in very little time Jon was on comms with the fleet and ordering the navigation crew to get to HED-GP as soon as possible. Thankfully there are jump-bridges all around -A- space, and the trip took very little time. After only a couple of jumps into CVA space we encountered a defence fleet that had been formed to drive us off. While we won the engagement, with minimal numbers lost on our side compared to how many we killed, the small size of our fleet meant that we had to retreat before we took heavy losses.

I’m having a lot of fun down in nullsec now that I am settled in. Interceptors are fun.

Killmail of the 1.35bill pod: https://zkillboard.com/detail/37514407/

Roam the skies,

It’s arrived

Report from OPSRD0015

‘It’s here, it’s here. It’s finally actually here.’ Jon did a little jig in his cabin before walking out to his hanger. The news that the Maelstrom had finally been delivered spread quickly around the station, and the crew had gathered near the boarding walkway, waiting to be allowed aboard.

‘Leeroy, where are you?’ Jon sent out a message as he walked up the viewing platform to view the whole ship. It had been a few weeks since he had seen a ship larger than a Rupture, and seeing the straight and deadly lines of the Maelstrom made Jon remember exactly why he had chosen to become a capsuleer. The Machariel may have more utility, the Domi might be a better choice for range control and ignoring tracking disrupters, T3’s may be brick tanks, but the Maelstrom was Jon’s favourite.

‘I am at the entrance sir, waiting for the captain to board.’ Leeroy’s response flashed up for Jon to see, and shook him out of his revere. Shaking his head and regaining focus on what he was doing, Jon marched off to the entrance, seeing Leeroy and the other senior crew standing at attention as Jon got closer.

Boarding the ship with the crew filing on behind him, Jon got status updates from all the head-of-departments. After receiving reports that all systems were installed and operational, the order went out for all hands to prepare for undocking. Checking the intelligence channels and local for potential threats and finding none, Jon ordered the ship to undock for its maiden voyage. After doing some manoeuvres and warp testing, and making sure that all the navigational tools were working as planned, Jon chose a low class anomaly that should be easy to clear and ordered for the ship to be warped there, telling the gunnery crews to get in position and ready for the upcoming fight.

‘When we land, lock up the frigates and kill them A.S.A.P. ‘Jon ordered as the ship slowed down in preparation to exit warp. ‘We will be around 60km away from them, so they will be easy kills.’

As the ship exited warp and the ‘rats appeared in space, the sound of the computers targeting the enemy ships began. The squealing noise that occurred when someone locked and opened fire on our ship rang out shortly afterwards, with the enemy battlecruiser and battleships opening fire on us.

As the enemy frigates got systematically destroyed, with each volley killing another ship, the order went out to start locking up the cruisers and battlecruisers. Within a few short minutes all the small ships were destroyed, with only the battleships left to pose a problem. Half an hour passed as we killed the battleships, and the resulting waves afterwards. Once the anomaly was finished Jon ordered the ship to head back to station and dock up. All the crew were congratulated by Jon and the senior crew for doing their job well.

‘You enjoy that sir?’ Jon swung around as Leeroy knocked on his cabin door.

‘I certainly did. Frigates and cruisers are fun to pilot, but battleships are where my heart lies, especially with the Maelstrom. I just hope that our new alliance brings back arty Mael fleets once/if the powers-that-be change the laws pertaining to drone assist systems and whatever else they’re wanting to do with them.’

‘What do you think of those changes sir?’

‘If it means my Maelstrom will be accepted into fleets then I can’t wait for the change. Yes, incursion fleets will have to have a few more drone boats, or find a new way to deal with the frigates, maybe T3’s, but I personally detest drones as a weapon system. I can’t pin a reason on it, but they just seem…cheap. We use light drones if frigates get too close for our guns to hit, and mediums to help kill the enemy battleships that little bit faster, but I want my damage to be coming from my cannons, not some flimsy piece of metal flying around in space.’

‘In rust we trust? It’s worked for us so far.’ Leeroy grinned, and headed off towards his own cabin.

My Maelstrom finally arrived, and I can start earning ISK again. Also started back at uni last week, so I’m not exactly active at the moment.

Roam the skies,

Stuck in nullsec with nothing to do

Report from OPSRD0015

‘Waiting, waiting, let’s play the waiting game’ droned Jon as he wandering aimlessly around the station. The rest of the alliance was out helping the CFC in their “hellcamp” against the Northern Coalition, and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for one of the corporation pilots to have the time to deliver our precious ships.

We did have a Rifter and a coveter in station, but no modules to stick on them bar strip miners and a probe launcher. Jon had remembered pretty quickly about the biggest problem that he, along with most of the crew, had with nullsec. That problem of course being that a lot of modules that were taken for granted in highsec were either unavailable, or cost many, many times more than they do in Jita or Amarr.

“Are we planning on doing anything tonight sir?” Jon jumped as Leeroy spoke, not realising that he had entered the room. “The men are wondering if they can have the night off.”

“Nothing to do except for scanning down the sites for some practice. Ask for volunteers, if not enough men want to then we’ll all have the night off, hopefully our ships will be delivered tomorrow and we can start doing something.”

“Roger sir, I’ll go ask for volunteers.”

As Leeroy went to the crew quarters, Jon looked at the Coveter, and at the intel sheet on the local rat population. These damn belts were too infested with Sansha ships to mine in without first destroying the rats, and we had nothing to do the job with. Even if we were to scrounge around the nearby stations for modules to stick on the ship, there just wasn’t the right gear to make a working fit with, especially in terms of weaponry.
Leeroy came back into the room, with the news that none of the crew felt like doing scanning practice.

“That’s fine, you can dismiss the crew, and I shall go to my cabin. I shall see you tomorrow.”

“See you later sir.” Leeroy saluted, and headed back to the crew quarters to deliver the good news.
Arriving in his cabin, Jon connected to a new site that he had recently found, one that promised cheap ships and a reasonable delivery time. Contacting friends that hung out in some of the trade hubs revealed that the prices for certain ships, such as the wonderful Machariel, were well below market price. Deciding to see if they were trust-worthy, Jon deposited some ISK and ordered one of the cheap ships. After waiting the required time for the ship to be built, the contract for the ship appeared in his notifications, and Jon sorted out for the ship to be sold on the market, as Jita was too far away and the ship wasn’t needed. However, the site was saved for later use, as it had the potential to save millions, if not billions, of ISK in the long term on ship purchases.

Nullsec sucks when you don’t have any ships to use, but then again so does highsec. Being in highsec just makes it easier to get new ships.

The site is http://eve-bazaar.com/29024261.html.
Also, I don’t actually know if this site is fully legit, use it at your own risk. The ship that I ordered came through, but it was a cheap HAC, nothing expensive.

Edit: Further research has shown that it is most likely (p<0.05) that this site is a scam. I'm going to keep be happy with turning a profit on my HAC, and leave that site alone.

Roam the skies,

Moving is hell

Report from OPSRD0014

‘I hate moving’ muttered Jon as he went through his asset list. ‘So much time and effort needed. What do I take, what can I leave, where do they go?’ He grimaced, ‘How much will it cost?’

Trying to figure out what ships to take down to null was a nightmare. Our corp was disbanding, and members that wanted to had an invitation to join an established nullsec corp. After a long and serious discussion with other corp members, Jon had decided to take the plunge with a group of members and started to get all his ships into some sort of order. However, not being able to fly an interceptor yet meant that the trip down would most likely end in death, and so we were staying around in highsec, waiting for the crew, and Jon, to learn how to fly them.
Jon started to prepare a list of the different hulls that we would probably need. It wasn’t too large a list, as, being unsure of what proper sov null life was like, it had already been planned that we would not be taking a large amount of ships down, at least until we had gotten settled in, made friendships with the people in the new corp, and found out exactly what ships and doctrines were flown.

‘Firetails? Yeah, we’ll take a couple. Fast tackle is always nice. Ruptures and Stabbers? May as well take a couple of each. Solo roams may end badly in nullsec, but they’re always fun. I’ll just have to make sure it’s ok with the leadership first.’ As Jon continued talking to himself, making notes of what could stay and what could go, Leeroy walked into the room.

‘Hi sir, how’s the planning going?’

‘Stressful. All these ships, plus replacements for when they get exploded, and all the modules that are needed for them. Thankfully a lot of what we will be taking down have already been bought, due to the aborted deployment in Syndicate, so it’s more an issue of getting these ships down there. We are taking nothing larger than a Hurricane in the first trip, just while we get used to the place and the new opportunities that will become available. I have been informed that there is market where we will be going, so replacement ships and doctrine ships will be available.’

‘Need any help?’

‘I’ve got it sorted thanks. However, if you could dismiss the crew of the Maelstrom, and prepare for the dismissal of the Machariel crew in a couple of weeks, it would be highly appreciated. They will be put into retirement while we get settled into our new home.

‘Wilco. What about the other crews situated around highsec?’

Jon thought for a moment. ‘Keep a Hurricanes worth of crew around in Hotra. We may be going there before we leave, and I’ll be wanting to be able to fly around in something larger than a frigate.’

‘Yes sir.’ Leeroy saluted and walked away to prepare the letters of dismissal.


Moving is hard, both in Eve and real life. I have moved into a flat for my second year of university, so the last week has been quite busy, which meant that Eve and this blog took a far second in priorities.

I am moving to nullsec to a yet to be announced corporation. I am looking forward to it, even though my time online is going to be highly constrained compared to the last 3 months.

Roam the skies,

A new ship, and mining

Report from OPSRD0014

“Beautiful” said Jon to himself as he walked up the ramp to his hanger. The new Cynabal was sitting there, just waiting for the captain to board and fly out into space. Jon looked up and down the ship, noting that the cleaning crews had done an excellent job on cleaning the outside of the ship. Looking down the length of the hanger showed the other ships that had found their ways to Frarns only station. There was the Hurricane, the old level three mission workhorse, which was mostly being replaced by the Cynabal, the Firetail, used for quick transport when ammunition was needed from Rens, one jump away, and the Maelstrom, sitting at the end of the hanger collecting dust.

“Leeroy!” shouted Jon as he looked at the Maelstrom. “Do we have enough crew to take the Mael out for a quick workout? No shooting or anything, just to make sure all systems are still working.”

“That we do sir, shall I order them to board the Maelstrom?” Receiving an affirmative from Jon, Leeroy promptly got all vital crew onto the Maelstrom and in position. After receiving confirmation from the station that it was ok to undock, the Maelstrom left the station and warped to the sun.

“Run checks on all systems apart from guns” ordered Jon. As the crew ran through shield tests and capacitor testing, Jon called Leeroy over to ask a few questions about earlier events.

“How’s the crew morale Leeroy, has word gotten out about our loss earlier this week?”

“There have been a few rumours floating around, but the two survivors have stopped most of them. They know that there wasn’t much you could have done, and they did all volunteer for the job, knowing it was highly dangerous,” replied Leeroy, himself glad that he hadn’t been asked to come along. It had been a mission born of boredom and having a little too much ISK in the wallet, with Jon deciding to take a Firetail out to lowsec with a couple of corporation mates and trying to kill whatever they could find. Sadly, they had become the prey to a pack of Eve Uni students and their teachers, getting caught at a planet after taking what looked like a lone Talwar. They did get the Talwar, but the loss of the Firetail and Thorax outweighed the kill of the Talwar.

“Well, that’s good then.” replied Jon. “With that fight that’s happening out in B-R5RB the crew should quickly forget about that adventure. All that fighting and loss of life over a bill not being paid, some-one’s head will probably roll for that. Anyway, we have other business to discuss. Do we have any crew members in need of punishment for minor transgressions?”

“Let me check…yes, we do. Enough to crew a barge, if the normal punishment is what you’re wanting to do.”

“Certainly is. Make sure they’re all on board, we’re going to pick up the Procurer and go mining.” Jon grimaced as he said this, sure it punished the crew members, but it also had the nasty habit of being completely boring for himself. “Leeroy, you can hop of at the station and have the rest of the day off if you would like, no need for us both to have to endure this.”

Leeroy grinned. “Thank you sir, I’ll certainly take up that offer.”

While flying to our mining station, Jon made contact with a couple of friends in Hotra and got a fleet started to increase every-ones mining yield, making it a slightly more profitable punishment. Once we arrived in Hotra and the Procurer was boarded and undocked to begin mining, Jon sat down and started working on tweaking the Cynabal’s fit, increasing its survivability while still maintaining its damage output.
After a couple minutes of mining, Jon’s communications device alerted him that someone was attempting to contact him. Calling up the information of the caller showed that it was Melody, his trading and logi friend that worked for a mercenary corporation in Gallente space.

“What’s up Melody?”

“We got him! He attacked, and we jumped, and I saved the tackle, and…”

“Woah, slow down girl. What happened?”

Taking a breath, Melody tried to gather back her normally rock solid composure. “Sorry Jon, I’ll try calm down. I was out with a few guys from the corp, no war-targets were around so they were trying to bait missioners into a fight a few jumps out of Dodixie. We had a couple of bites from some guys, but they knew the game and ran before we could land tackle. Just as I was looking at docking up for the night, our hero tackle, an armour tanked Rifter of all things, had a Myrmidon engage him. Of course, as it seems to always happen, the damn pilot forgot to pack enough nanite paste for his aux armour booster, and so was kinda in a REAL bad way. I managed to land on grid and get repairs to him just before he lost his ship, damn thing was at 11% structure before I saved him. Of course, the Myrm then decided that I was a good looking target in my Exequror, and set his damn drones on me. I may laugh at frigate logi ships, but I was glad we had one with us today, I didn’t need the repairs, but it was nice to know I had a little buddy with us. The guy ended up calling in Concord onto himself, I don’t know if it was accidental or on purpose though, he attacked a guy in our group that wasn’t suspect.”

Jon laughed. “Very nice, you hang out with a nice bunch of people don’t you? Just keep them away from my hunting grounds, I wouldn’t like to receive the order from the FC to primary your logi.”

“Haha, where do you roam again?” Melody laughed again and looked around Jon, noticing what ship he was in. “Eww, you’re mining?”

“Don’t remind me. It’s punishment duty for the crew that need it. Sadly I have to be on board to oversee it. I did get a new toy though, which makes my life a bit more bearable at the moment.”

“What did you get?”

“A Cynabal”

“Very nice. I’ve got to head off, I’ll catch you later. Fly dangerously man.”

With that Melody signed off, and Jon was left to work on his fittings and make sure that the ore was being mined correctly and efficiently. He decided that he could only stand an hour of mining, and then it would be time to dock up and sleep.
Mining is boring, but it can be made bearable if you’re working on other projects, reports or talking to other people. Especially if you’re in a fleet with boosts.

Link to the Talwar kill: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21605850
Link to the Firetail loss: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21605849

Roam the skies,