Killing all the things

Report from OPSRD0025

‘Look at those kill reports Jon, we’ve been active this month haven’t we?’ Leeroy entered the captain’s quarters, waving a sheet with the kills and losses that had been incurred so far this month.

‘We certainly have. According to the report that I was just reading, we have helped to kill over 3 billion ISK worth of ships over the last 3 weeks, and we have only managed to lose 5 ships, not even worth 300 million ISK. Pretty good going if you ask me, and heaps of fun.’

‘SoE and Concord aren’t exactly happy with us though. We’ve helped to increase SoE’s workload, as they come out to rescue the survivors of the destroyed ships, and Concord has decreased our security status by 2 over the last three weeks.’

‘It’s at 1.9 at the moment isn’t it? We may have to schedule in some mission grinding in the next few weeks if it keeps decreasing at this rate.’

‘Yeah, that won’t be fun. If we can stay positive until the new galactic changes are rolled out, it won’t be too painful to get our security status up. The increased power to the Machariel’s engines means that it will be able to warp faster, and it won’t be anywhere near as painful to follow incursions around, and we know that incursions are great for increasing security status. I’m planning on learning about how the advanced artillery cannons work, and getting the gunnery crew trained up for them over the next month or two as well, so that will help to make quick work of the rats.”

“Sounds good. Those cannons certainly look nice, and the extra damage won’t go unused.” Leeroy checked the time on his wrist-watch, a relic for certain, but something that he enjoyed to use. “I’ve got crew quarters to check, I shall check in once that is done.”

“Roger. Make sure everything is tidy, I have some plans brewing, but we may be sitting in station for a while before they bear fruit.”

As Leeroy wandered out to complete his duties, Jon pulled up the corporation information. 6 members in corp, with only one other person being seen on a somewhat regular basis. While Jon enjoyed the laid-back attitude of the corp, as no-one cared what he was doing, or trying to get him to join fleet operations when the crew didn’t feel like it, it would be nice to have people available to call out to for help if required. Solo roams were fun and all, but a lot of our opponents have friends that are willing and able to come and help out, something that usually meant defeat and death for our ship and crew.

Turning to the communications screen on his tactical monitor showed multiple channels being watched. While some of them were just people talking about whatever they felt like, and good for getting information on what is happening in other parts of New Eden, other chat channels were for close groups of people that had been introduced via various means, and yet others were for public roaming fleets. As Jon watched the screen, the channel for Spectre Fleet changed its message, informing people that yet another interceptor roam was forming in Amarr. This group was amazing, and was how we had scored the majority of our kills over the last 3 weeks. They are a NPSI community, meaning that if you’re not part of the fleet, and they find you in lowsec or nullsec, you’re a target and probably going to die.

We have been out on 5 Spectre fleet roams in the last 3 weeks, helping to secure and kill many ships. A few ships have been lost, the latest ship being a Rupture that was jumped into highsec without anyone realising that we still had a criminal timer, and that Concord really takes offence to such violations. Lessons have been learnt, and ships have been replaced. The only problem that the crews appear to have with these roams is the 20 jumps between Amarr and our home-system. While using a Stiletto means that the trip is not too long, and lowsec can be safely crossed, it does take time, and we can’t join a fleet five minutes before it leaves, unless stragglers are being accepted.

Jon considered joining this latest interceptor fleet, as an interceptor probably meant that a nullsec roam was heading out. After consideration however, Jon decided to stay in station. The next few days had the possibility to become very busy, and a well-rested crew would be essential.

Spectre Fleet is a great community, with multiple fleets running a day. I also keep an eye on the RvB Ganked channel, but they do not appear to be as active in my time-zone, and I haven’t managed to go on a roam with them yet.

Some of my favourite kill-mails from the last 3 weeks:
Stratios kill. This one was painful, took me down to hull. Drones are painful when you’re in an interceptor:

Shiny capsule, came from a Slicer kill. 2048 scan resolution for the win:

Kiting Talos kill, damn thing was going over 3 km/s and our poor T1 cruiser gang couldn’t catch it. Someone landed hero tackle with a warp-in, we were extremely happy to kill it:

Most expensive Thrasher I’ve ever seen, with a lack of fittings. There were many tears spilled in local:

Roam the skies,


A new ship, and mining

Report from OPSRD0014

“Beautiful” said Jon to himself as he walked up the ramp to his hanger. The new Cynabal was sitting there, just waiting for the captain to board and fly out into space. Jon looked up and down the ship, noting that the cleaning crews had done an excellent job on cleaning the outside of the ship. Looking down the length of the hanger showed the other ships that had found their ways to Frarns only station. There was the Hurricane, the old level three mission workhorse, which was mostly being replaced by the Cynabal, the Firetail, used for quick transport when ammunition was needed from Rens, one jump away, and the Maelstrom, sitting at the end of the hanger collecting dust.

“Leeroy!” shouted Jon as he looked at the Maelstrom. “Do we have enough crew to take the Mael out for a quick workout? No shooting or anything, just to make sure all systems are still working.”

“That we do sir, shall I order them to board the Maelstrom?” Receiving an affirmative from Jon, Leeroy promptly got all vital crew onto the Maelstrom and in position. After receiving confirmation from the station that it was ok to undock, the Maelstrom left the station and warped to the sun.

“Run checks on all systems apart from guns” ordered Jon. As the crew ran through shield tests and capacitor testing, Jon called Leeroy over to ask a few questions about earlier events.

“How’s the crew morale Leeroy, has word gotten out about our loss earlier this week?”

“There have been a few rumours floating around, but the two survivors have stopped most of them. They know that there wasn’t much you could have done, and they did all volunteer for the job, knowing it was highly dangerous,” replied Leeroy, himself glad that he hadn’t been asked to come along. It had been a mission born of boredom and having a little too much ISK in the wallet, with Jon deciding to take a Firetail out to lowsec with a couple of corporation mates and trying to kill whatever they could find. Sadly, they had become the prey to a pack of Eve Uni students and their teachers, getting caught at a planet after taking what looked like a lone Talwar. They did get the Talwar, but the loss of the Firetail and Thorax outweighed the kill of the Talwar.

“Well, that’s good then.” replied Jon. “With that fight that’s happening out in B-R5RB the crew should quickly forget about that adventure. All that fighting and loss of life over a bill not being paid, some-one’s head will probably roll for that. Anyway, we have other business to discuss. Do we have any crew members in need of punishment for minor transgressions?”

“Let me check…yes, we do. Enough to crew a barge, if the normal punishment is what you’re wanting to do.”

“Certainly is. Make sure they’re all on board, we’re going to pick up the Procurer and go mining.” Jon grimaced as he said this, sure it punished the crew members, but it also had the nasty habit of being completely boring for himself. “Leeroy, you can hop of at the station and have the rest of the day off if you would like, no need for us both to have to endure this.”

Leeroy grinned. “Thank you sir, I’ll certainly take up that offer.”

While flying to our mining station, Jon made contact with a couple of friends in Hotra and got a fleet started to increase every-ones mining yield, making it a slightly more profitable punishment. Once we arrived in Hotra and the Procurer was boarded and undocked to begin mining, Jon sat down and started working on tweaking the Cynabal’s fit, increasing its survivability while still maintaining its damage output.
After a couple minutes of mining, Jon’s communications device alerted him that someone was attempting to contact him. Calling up the information of the caller showed that it was Melody, his trading and logi friend that worked for a mercenary corporation in Gallente space.

“What’s up Melody?”

“We got him! He attacked, and we jumped, and I saved the tackle, and…”

“Woah, slow down girl. What happened?”

Taking a breath, Melody tried to gather back her normally rock solid composure. “Sorry Jon, I’ll try calm down. I was out with a few guys from the corp, no war-targets were around so they were trying to bait missioners into a fight a few jumps out of Dodixie. We had a couple of bites from some guys, but they knew the game and ran before we could land tackle. Just as I was looking at docking up for the night, our hero tackle, an armour tanked Rifter of all things, had a Myrmidon engage him. Of course, as it seems to always happen, the damn pilot forgot to pack enough nanite paste for his aux armour booster, and so was kinda in a REAL bad way. I managed to land on grid and get repairs to him just before he lost his ship, damn thing was at 11% structure before I saved him. Of course, the Myrm then decided that I was a good looking target in my Exequror, and set his damn drones on me. I may laugh at frigate logi ships, but I was glad we had one with us today, I didn’t need the repairs, but it was nice to know I had a little buddy with us. The guy ended up calling in Concord onto himself, I don’t know if it was accidental or on purpose though, he attacked a guy in our group that wasn’t suspect.”

Jon laughed. “Very nice, you hang out with a nice bunch of people don’t you? Just keep them away from my hunting grounds, I wouldn’t like to receive the order from the FC to primary your logi.”

“Haha, where do you roam again?” Melody laughed again and looked around Jon, noticing what ship he was in. “Eww, you’re mining?”

“Don’t remind me. It’s punishment duty for the crew that need it. Sadly I have to be on board to oversee it. I did get a new toy though, which makes my life a bit more bearable at the moment.”

“What did you get?”

“A Cynabal”

“Very nice. I’ve got to head off, I’ll catch you later. Fly dangerously man.”

With that Melody signed off, and Jon was left to work on his fittings and make sure that the ore was being mined correctly and efficiently. He decided that he could only stand an hour of mining, and then it would be time to dock up and sleep.
Mining is boring, but it can be made bearable if you’re working on other projects, reports or talking to other people. Especially if you’re in a fleet with boosts.

Link to the Talwar kill:
Link to the Firetail loss:

Roam the skies,