We found a Jackdaw.

Report from OPSRD0109

“Incursus on scan, it appears to be the same one that was with the small gang that we passed earlier.” The navigator called out the new contact that had arrived on D-scan in the system of Tannakan, and waited for Jon to make a decision on what to do. The enemy gang consisted of at least two frigates and two tech3 destroyers, including the recently released Caldari one, known as the Jackdaw.

“Align to the sun, we’ll fight them there.” The sun was further from the gates than the large outpost in which Jon’s Bellicose found itself in, and therefore gave more time to burn down the Incursus tackle before his friends arrived. The 1600mm plated Bellicose hauled itself around to enter warp, engines shuddering due to extra weight, likely unanticipated by the engineers that designed the ship, from the armour plating. This ship was not fit like your normal Bellicose, instead it was a fit that Jon had designed himself to catch enemy pilots unaware. The standard shield tank had gone out the window, and a 1600mm plate was squeezed on with a rack of TPs and webs. Rapid Light Missile Launchers and a flight of Warrior II drones provided the DPS.

As the Bellicose entered warp, the Incursus landed in the large compound. Noting the name of the pilot, Jon was certain that it was indeed the tackle pilot of the gang spotted earlier. As the Bellicose landed at the sun, and aligned back to the large compound, the Incursus landed within 5 km and engaged, scramming and webbing the Bellicose. “Lock up the Incursus, launch drones and pre-activate the TPs, web, point and launchers. I want this ship off grid ASAP.”

“Local spike, we have three new pilots in local. We have a Jackdaw, Confessor and Punisher on scan, looks like we’ve got a party about to start.” Navigation shouted out the warning as the Incursus got one armour repair cycle off, throwing it’s armour back up.

“Heat the launchers, I want this Incursus dead now. Gunnery, get ready to lock up the Jackdaw when it lands, that is going to be the next target. It’s new and unknown, I want to get a feel for how it fares in combat. All crew, the likelihood of surviving this fight is low. Once we enter structure, I want all crew to prepare to get to the escape pods. Hopefully we take down this Jackdaw before we die.” Jon’s orders echoed through the ship, causing crew to look up and mentally prepare their escape route.

The heated launchers punched through the Incursus’s attempt at repairing its armour, with only three cycles of its ancillary armour repairer occurring before dying. As the Incursus exploded the Punisher landed and engaged, scramming down the Bellicose once again. Without the web of the Incursus being applied the Bellicose sped up, pulling some range on the Punisher while waiting for the Jackdaw and Confessor to land.

“Jackdaw on grid, locking them up.” The navigator called out as soon as the Jackdaw landed, and shortly had it locked up and ready to engage. “It has engaged with light missiles, and is attempting to pull range.”

“Web it, point it, and light him up. Overheat the launchers and set the drones on him. Let’s see how good this fabled beast actually is.” Jon grinned as the e-war of the Bellicose was successfully applied to the Jackdaw. The shields of the Jackdaw began to falter as light missiles began to spew forth from the Bellicose’s launchers, smashing into the side of the Jackdaw while Warrior II drones circled it at great speed, strafing the Jackdaw from all angles. Shield boosts were observed from the Jackdaw, but they only lasted a short time before stopping.

As the Jackdaw plunged through armour, heading straight into structure in one deadly missile volley, the structure alarms of the Bellicose started sounding. While Jon had been watching the Jackdaw fall to his Bellicose, the Confessor and Jackdaw hadn’t been idle themselves. The Jackdaw may have stopped trying to run, but it’s missile launchers still worked perfectly fine, and it was firing volley after volley of light missiles back into the armour plating of the Bellicose. The Confessor on the other hand had pulled range and was firing lasers into the other side of the Bellicose, smashing through the armour plating there.

“All crew, the Jackdaw is about to fall and so are we. Make your way to the nearest escape pods.” The last round of missiles fired off as Jon finished his announcement, tearing through the last vestige of structure remaining of the Jackdaw. The Jackdaw, little more than twisted metal at this point, exploded in a ball of flame and debris which rained down on the Bellicose and Punisher, which had managed to close range again during the manoeuvres with the Jackdaw. “Drone crew, if you are able please set the Warriors on the Confessor, and make your way to your escape pod.” Jon’s last act before boarding his escape capsule was to send a simple message  in the local communications channel, simply saying ‘Good fight’.

With the last remaining crew members ejecting from the Bellicose, and Jon safely aboard his capsule, he waited for the last shred of structure holding the ship together to get melted by the Confessor’s focused laser beams. Just before the last shot came hurling through space into what remained of the Bellicose, Jon sent a message to the Sisters of Eve, asking for them to send some ships to the location of the battle to pick up the escape pods of the destroyed ships. While they may not hold Jon in great esteem, the crew members have done nothing to anger the Sisters, and a confirmation message came back instantly. The Bellicose’s twisted body was suddenly torn asunder as Confessor landed its final hit, with the ship snapping in half, melted metal twisting and turning before freezing in the vacuum of space while explosions from the engines and on-board electronics rocked the wreck. Jon’s capsule flew out of the wreckage, and Jon urgently sent instructions for the capsule to warp to a random planet. Making a bookmark on the way, as soon as the capsule landed Jon turned it around and warped back to the bookmark in the middle of space while waiting for his aggression timer to disappear so that Concord would allow him to use the gates again.

“Thanks for the fight guys” Jon sent another message in the local channel, before engaging warp to the gate that led back towards the system of Amarr. A ‘gf’ was given by the enemy gang in the channel, and then the black tunnel from using a system gate appeared in Jon’s vision and he was catapulted into the nearby system of Anka. Setting the navigational computers to Amarr, Jon lay back and sighed.

I had a few days during my studying for exams where I just wanted to blow some spaceships up, and I had been playing around with the Bellicose. Getting a TP onto a shield fit is a bit tricky I feel, so I decided to see if I could fit a 1600mm plate onto it. I’ve got a few different fits that I have tried out, and have kept fiddling with the original fit. It’s not a normal fit, but it’s worked well for me so far and gives me the element of surprise in the fight.

Incursus killmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/47067379/

Jackdaw killmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/47067386/

Bellicose lossmail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/47067387/

Roam the skies,


Gnosis takes to the skies

Report from OPSRD0074 (Omnipresent Ship Recording Device)

“There appears to be a Hurricane at the location sir, what are the orders?” The navigator called out to Jon for instructions on what the plan was. It was a combat anomaly in high-sec space, Angel rats, and having another capsuleer in the site is not a normal occurrence.

Jon thought for a few seconds. As the Gnosis started to decelerate to exit warp, he came to a decision. “Figure out what rats the Hurricane is targeting, and take them out. Let’s see if we can annoy him.”

As the Gnosis came out of warp, the swarm of frigate rats appeared on the sensors, with the Hurricane in the middle of the site, webbing individual frigates down and taking them out, while salvage drones swarmed over the wrecks, picking out the valuable pieces of equipment from the scrap metal. By locking up the rats and determining which ones were taking damage, it was simple to kill the frigates that the enemy capsuleer was attempting to kill. After 7 frigates had been eliminated under the guns of the Hurricane, a simple order went out from Jon.

“Turn the safety system onto yellow, loot from the nearest wreck. All crew, we are going to turn suspect. Concord isn’t going to offer us any protection if this Hurricane decides to attack us, so I want all crew alert and ready for action. Get the e-war section ready to lock him down if he engages, and I want the repair crews on high alert.”

“Jon, what are you playing at now?” Leeroy had walked up to Jon as the orders were being given out, and was now standing next to the captains seat. “Are you sure this is a good idea? Indecent Exposure are active at this time, and there are a couple in local right now. If they get wind of this we are sure to get blobbed.”

“That is a possibility I am willing to risk. I just bought this ship, and I want to test it out against something. As Enden and Erstet are empty, the only opportunity for a fight at the moment is against this Hurricane, if he wants to take the bait. I doubt he’s PvP fit, so if things start to turn south we can just warp out.” Jon was calm about the thought of fighting the Hurricane, with the lack of experience of piloting the Gnosis not a worry.

“We have been locked by the Hurricane. Warp disruption attempt detected, the Hurricane just pointed a frigate!” The alert came out from the navigation station. Leeroy and Jon both looked up at the warning, Leeroy looking slightly worried while Jon just grinned.

“So, the bear has teeth, and is trying to get us to make a mistake. Let’s not oblige, and we shall see if he’s willing to make good his threats. Move in closer, I want an orbit established at 3 km.”

As the Gnosis moved into position, new reports came in from the navigation and damage control stations. The Hurricane had engaged with all it had, with a warp disruptor and a web being applied, along with the EMP ammunition being unloaded into the shields of the Gnosis.

“Apply the scram, webs, and neut, deploy the Hammerheads and start firing the guns. Let’s burn him down quickly, and get out before any friends or opportunistic third-party capsuleers arrive on scene.”

The Hurricanes shields disappeared as the Gnosis’s shields neared depletion, and both ships entered armour near the same time. The Hurricane took quite a beating as its armour was slowly whittled down, while the Gnosis’s reps were able to keep it at half armour quite easily.

“Hurricane has entered structure, it won’t be long now. Nothing is showing on long range D-scan.” The navigation crew had relaxed after it was apparent that the Gnosis was able to tank the Hurricanes damage, and shortly after entering structure the Hurricane had stopped applying its web and point, so there was an easy escape in case something unexpected occurred.

“Prepare a good-fight message in the local communications channel, that was well fought from the Hurricane pilot. Prepare to loot the wreck and warp to a safe to wait out the aggression timer. We are still suspect, and I don’t fancy being caught outside a station without being able to dock if it’s something we can’t handle.”

I’m finally back, for another 3 months anyway. University is finally over for the year, so I am now officially a third-year university student. It’s crazy how fast time has gone, but I’ve managed to keep relatively active on Eve while still keeping my studies going and my grades up.

The Hurricane was a fun fight. I watched Mr Hyde’s video on his Gnosis fights, and decided that it was a good time to buy a few hulls and have some fun with them. As said, nothing was found in the low-sec systems of Enden or Erstet. I saw the Hurricane on D-scan, and decided to see if it was at the combat anomaly. Sure enough, it was, and I was greatly happy that it decided to play with me.

Hurricane kill-mail: https://zkillboard.com/kill/42234524/

Roam the skies,

Killing all the things

Report from OPSRD0025

‘Look at those kill reports Jon, we’ve been active this month haven’t we?’ Leeroy entered the captain’s quarters, waving a sheet with the kills and losses that had been incurred so far this month.

‘We certainly have. According to the report that I was just reading, we have helped to kill over 3 billion ISK worth of ships over the last 3 weeks, and we have only managed to lose 5 ships, not even worth 300 million ISK. Pretty good going if you ask me, and heaps of fun.’

‘SoE and Concord aren’t exactly happy with us though. We’ve helped to increase SoE’s workload, as they come out to rescue the survivors of the destroyed ships, and Concord has decreased our security status by 2 over the last three weeks.’

‘It’s at 1.9 at the moment isn’t it? We may have to schedule in some mission grinding in the next few weeks if it keeps decreasing at this rate.’

‘Yeah, that won’t be fun. If we can stay positive until the new galactic changes are rolled out, it won’t be too painful to get our security status up. The increased power to the Machariel’s engines means that it will be able to warp faster, and it won’t be anywhere near as painful to follow incursions around, and we know that incursions are great for increasing security status. I’m planning on learning about how the advanced artillery cannons work, and getting the gunnery crew trained up for them over the next month or two as well, so that will help to make quick work of the rats.”

“Sounds good. Those cannons certainly look nice, and the extra damage won’t go unused.” Leeroy checked the time on his wrist-watch, a relic for certain, but something that he enjoyed to use. “I’ve got crew quarters to check, I shall check in once that is done.”

“Roger. Make sure everything is tidy, I have some plans brewing, but we may be sitting in station for a while before they bear fruit.”

As Leeroy wandered out to complete his duties, Jon pulled up the corporation information. 6 members in corp, with only one other person being seen on a somewhat regular basis. While Jon enjoyed the laid-back attitude of the corp, as no-one cared what he was doing, or trying to get him to join fleet operations when the crew didn’t feel like it, it would be nice to have people available to call out to for help if required. Solo roams were fun and all, but a lot of our opponents have friends that are willing and able to come and help out, something that usually meant defeat and death for our ship and crew.

Turning to the communications screen on his tactical monitor showed multiple channels being watched. While some of them were just people talking about whatever they felt like, and good for getting information on what is happening in other parts of New Eden, other chat channels were for close groups of people that had been introduced via various means, and yet others were for public roaming fleets. As Jon watched the screen, the channel for Spectre Fleet changed its message, informing people that yet another interceptor roam was forming in Amarr. This group was amazing, and was how we had scored the majority of our kills over the last 3 weeks. They are a NPSI community, meaning that if you’re not part of the fleet, and they find you in lowsec or nullsec, you’re a target and probably going to die.

We have been out on 5 Spectre fleet roams in the last 3 weeks, helping to secure and kill many ships. A few ships have been lost, the latest ship being a Rupture that was jumped into highsec without anyone realising that we still had a criminal timer, and that Concord really takes offence to such violations. Lessons have been learnt, and ships have been replaced. The only problem that the crews appear to have with these roams is the 20 jumps between Amarr and our home-system. While using a Stiletto means that the trip is not too long, and lowsec can be safely crossed, it does take time, and we can’t join a fleet five minutes before it leaves, unless stragglers are being accepted.

Jon considered joining this latest interceptor fleet, as an interceptor probably meant that a nullsec roam was heading out. After consideration however, Jon decided to stay in station. The next few days had the possibility to become very busy, and a well-rested crew would be essential.

Spectre Fleet is a great community, with multiple fleets running a day. I also keep an eye on the RvB Ganked channel, but they do not appear to be as active in my time-zone, and I haven’t managed to go on a roam with them yet.

Some of my favourite kill-mails from the last 3 weeks:
Stratios kill. This one was painful, took me down to hull. Drones are painful when you’re in an interceptor: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38747989/

Shiny capsule, came from a Slicer kill. 2048 scan resolution for the win: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38747081/

Kiting Talos kill, damn thing was going over 3 km/s and our poor T1 cruiser gang couldn’t catch it. Someone landed hero tackle with a warp-in, we were extremely happy to kill it: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38976382/

Most expensive Thrasher I’ve ever seen, with a lack of fittings. There were many tears spilled in local: https://zkillboard.com/kill/38976484/

Roam the skies,

Shiny pods and fighting HERO

Report from OPSRD0017

‘Capsule on D-Scan!’ came the shout from the navigational crew. ‘Prepare to lock and point.’

Jon grinned as he turned to face the overview, waiting to see the pod appear. There were 12 ships making up this gate-camp, and all the captains were chatting away, having fun and waiting for targets to try and come through their gate. It had been a slow morning so far, with only a rookie ship getting caught and a few interceptors and a nullified and stabbed Tengu getting through. With 5600 scan resolution thanks to a friendly booster giving our Stiletto massive boosts however, nothing that landed in the bubble was going to get away.

‘Pod has landed, locking and pointing now.’ The shout came from the gunnery section as the overview showed the little pod landing 30km from the ship. One near-insta point later the pod was stuck, and the ships that formed the gate camp closed in to get on the kill. Once all the ships reported in that they had activated some sort of module on the pod, therefore confirming that they would be on the official report for the kill, the fleet commander gave the order for the pod to be killed, though some captains were wanting to keep him around until something else came along.
Once the pod was eliminated and everyone got back to their original positions around the gate, the kill-mail got shown to the fleet. Everyone was shocked, the killed clone had implants in it that had an estimated value of 1.35 billion ISK. Jon was ecstatic, as our kill-board had been nearing on red for a few months, and this was going to make it very green.

After waiting another 10 minutes and having no traffic through apart from a group of GSF pilots that attacked one of our fleet without reason, and nearly caused an incident that would have ended with the three Goons being killed and podded if the FC hadn’t been paying attention, the call was made to pull down the bubble and move to Doril, as Razor had a camp on the Sendaya gate. With Sendaya being the staging system for the newly formed HERO coalition that had decided to harass the Catch region, and Doril being the gate into nullsec from Sendaya, it meant that Doril was the perfect system to get many easy kills, with the constant threat of a fleet of Atrons or Thoraxes coming through the gate, the two doctrines that BNI especially enjoy employing, keeping the fleet alert while killing the almost constant stream of bombers, frigates and destroyers that were coming to and from the gate.

We stayed on the gate for around an hour, breaking in the Stiletto and getting used to the speed and point range of it compared to a Firetail, our normal fast tackle frigate. Jon then made the call to dock up in a local station, and headed off to his cabin to sleep.

After a few days of camping the Doril gate, Jon saw an advert for a roam heading to the Providence region to stir up some trouble, and that they wanted a couple of scouts and light tackle. The application to join the fleet went through quickly, and in very little time Jon was on comms with the fleet and ordering the navigation crew to get to HED-GP as soon as possible. Thankfully there are jump-bridges all around -A- space, and the trip took very little time. After only a couple of jumps into CVA space we encountered a defence fleet that had been formed to drive us off. While we won the engagement, with minimal numbers lost on our side compared to how many we killed, the small size of our fleet meant that we had to retreat before we took heavy losses.

I’m having a lot of fun down in nullsec now that I am settled in. Interceptors are fun.

Killmail of the 1.35bill pod: https://zkillboard.com/detail/37514407/

Roam the skies,