Lv4 missions, a time-waster?

‘Docking request accepted.’

As my Noctis got dragged into station and put in my hanger, I looked up at my Maelstrom just sitting there next to it, scorch marks all along it from those darn Angel pirates. After starting the unloading process I reviewed what had happened today, and what to do differently next time.

The day had started normally, checking mail and contracts, catching up with what had happened while I was on planet doing chores. Turns out if had been a pretty quiet day, with nothing of interest occurring except that there were no Sansha incursions in highsec at the moment. One of my friends linked a contract for a fully fitted Revelation, and asked if I could pass it on to any capsuleers that may be interested in it. I glanced over it, seeing the price tag and wondering how people could justify spending that much on a ship. I passed it on to some people that may be interested anyway, not my problem how they spend their ISK.

With the news of no incursions being up I decided that my Maelstrom may like to see the outside of the station again, so I contacted my good friend who happens to be a Brutor tribe agent, and asked if there were any problems that I could help deal with. He jumped at the chance to get a massive problem out of the way, and asked if I could go to the neighbouring system and disrupt a forming group of Angel Cartel pirates by killing as many as I could, including the highest ranking leaders that I could find. I thought that this would be a quick mission that would earn me some quick ISK, and get rid of some boredom. Little did I know that these pirates had waves upon waves of reinforcements, 3-4 waves per area that I visited, 5 areas that I had to clear out. Around one and a half hours later I had found and killed the leader, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep from boredom. I docked up, rang the agent and told him the job was complete, and undocked the Noctis for the salvaging of the wrecks. The loot was decent, but not really worth the time taken to kill all the pirates.

As I bid farewell and goodnight to my fellow capsuleers I figured out what to differently next time. Don’t run lv4 missions solo until I have a better ship.


What do you guys think, are lv4 missions worth running in a Maelstrom, or would it be better to smash lv3’s with either the Maelstrom or a Hurricane until I get a Machariel for lv4’s?

Roam the skies,