Jon takes a trip to lowsec

A quick note if anyone is wondering about the changing writing styles. I’m trying out different ways of writing to see what I prefer. If you particularly like or dislike a style please let me know.


‘Velator on D-scan’

Jon looks up from the map of Heild, running a mental list of how many people were in system and what the threat could be. As the Rupture lands on the gate there is the Velator, just sitting there. The orders are given, and the Velator is locked up and drones deployed. A quick report from D-scan shows no new ships, and the order is given to engage. The Velator is webbed, pointed and disrupted in short order, and 4 short volleys later the frigate is destroyed.

‘Drones in’ orders Jon as the gate guns continue to wreak havoc on the ships armour.

‘Engage reps’. As the repairer kicks in, the ship checks the cargo, only a civilian item, not worth taking, and warps off to the nearest station to repair.

‘Anyone see the pod?’ No-one saw it, and nothing was on D-scan. Assuming that someone had just abandoned the ship there, what for no-one could tell him, Jon orders the ship to continue through Molden Heath, looking for more people to fight. Jumping into a system down the line reveals 9 people in local, with at least 5 appearing on D-scan. Deciding that this Rupture couldn’t solo the Dominix, let alone a Domi with friends, the ship was ordered to turn around and check out the side systems that had been passed on the way. Jumping into Hrokkur showed a Venture just jumping through the gate into Heild, but with its built in 2 warb stabs Jon chose to ignore it and continue searching.
‘6 cargo containers on D-scan’ reported the scanner as we arrived in Hrober. Wondering if they were in an asteroid belt, Jon ordered a comprehensive scanning to tighten down where they were, and if we could get to them. It was determined that they were at a POS, and, with the warp scram array showing on scan Jon decided that it was best to forget about them and continue on. With no-one in local Jon decided to take a break in the mining anom to talk to some corp-mates, while hoping that the Venture that was seen earlier had come from this belt and was on its way back.

Talking to a corp-mate that was mining revealed that they were getting bored with shooting things that didn’t shoot back, and that he was itching to try out his latest fit for his Algos. As he started his 26 jump journey the ship was ordered to settle in and run checks on all the systems.
‘How far are you out mate?’ asked Jon suddenly. The D-scan showed a new person in local, and a Wreathe was showing on D-scan. ‘8 jumps out? We may have something, it’s a Wreathe. Tell me when you’re on the Hrober gate’. Receiving acknowledgement to this plan Jon ordered the ship to warp to the gate and try find out where this ship was hiding. After some D-scan trickery it was determined that they were at the sun. Once the Algos had arrived at the other side of the gate and radioed in that he was in position and ready, Jon ordered the ship to warp to the sun. As we landed at the sun it showed that the person had jumped out of local, and the ship was immediately turned around and sent back into warp to the gate.
‘Got him’ shouted the corp-mate as the Wreathe uncloaked off the gate. As Jon jumps the ship through we get the report that the Algos has to break off due to gate aggro, and when we arrive in system we see that the gate has decided to drop us 20km from the Wreathe, too far away to tackle. The Wreathe gets away safely, with both us and the Algos having to dock up and repair our armour due those gate guns.
Deciding to go back through the systems towards Teonusude, we hoped that the Enyo that had been spotted by the Algos earlier was still around. This proved uneventful, and so we warped to the Teonusude gate, planning to call it a night. As we landed on the gate, local increased by 1, and a few seconds later a Thorax showed up on long range D-scan. Switching to 10k D-scan also showed it, and we prepared for action. For some reason the Thorax landed 30km off the gate and started targeting the Rupture. The Algos got a few salvos off before having to leave due to gate aggro, while the Thorax and I started slugging it out, with the gate guns on my side for once.
‘We’re webbed. We’re pointed. We’re dampened’ rang out in quick succession from the ship comms. Jon started shouting orders, with drones being sent out to apply damage as the Thorax was 5km out of falloff range. As the Thorax’s shields and armour melted due to the drone and gun damage he warped to the nearest planet.

“gf” was given in local from both parties, and Jon ordered the ship to chase him to the planet. The Algos had landed back at the gate by this time, and reported that the Thorax was taking the gate just as we were landing at the planet. Realising that we had a limited engagement timer with this fellow, Jon ordered the ship to take the gate, as Concord wasn’t going to interrupt with this fight anymore, even in highsec. Landing in highsec revealed the Thorax on the gate, with an “Oh noes” being sent through local. He warped to the station before we could point him and chased him, realising that repairs were unavailable at that station. This was soon realised by the Thorax pilot as well, as he undocked right into the Rupture, being locked up, pointed, webbed and disrupted. Applying DPS and drones started to take his shields down, but he dropped his webbing drones and burnt out of range, warping to a station that did have repairing facilities.

‘Take out his drones next time’ Jon ordered as we chased him to the next station. Sure enough, he undocked at full health, and proceeded to do his combo. ‘Drones locked’ echoed through the command centre, and our drones were sent to engage and destroy them. After playing a few docking games with him we finally managed to get him. Sadly the Algos didn’t have the engagement timer with him, and so couldn’t get on the kill, but being in fleet still got a share of the bounty. 1.4 million ISK each paid for the repairs, and a check of the wreckage showed that the loot fairy loved us today, with most of the loot being dropped.

Velator Killmail:
Thorax Killmail:


What do you think of this writing style? Also, it turns out that the Thorax pilot was trying a new fit. With the webbing drones and mwd he just kited me at ~20km, it worked until the drones were dead.


Leave a reply, it is much appreciated :)

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